Interview with Jason Hammond
About making a drug-story film with an unorthodox script, full acting improvisation, and working with an addicted actor.
Interview with Brian Spellman
About writing screenplays with a social message.
Conspiracy theory about the HIV/AIDS virus.
Interview with Sena Tunali
About the importance of love.
Multi awarded writer, producer, actress, and director.
Learning other cultures through writing scripts.
Interview with Jackie Hovorka
Book writer about first directing experience.
Helping veterans.
Opening own company to help other writers.
Interview with Joachim H. Böttcher
About writing scripts.
About humor, and modern society.
About intersexual people.
Interview with Lisa Singletary
From theatre to cinema.
How to help addicted people.
Creating own production company.

Interview with Luis Mario Telles
First-time screenwriter about his debut work.
Being an indie screenplay writer.
About parents and their support.

Interview with Peter Boiadzhieff
Two names- one person.
Being an indie filmmaker in Bulgaria.
About earning money from filmmaking.
Making films- is a learning process.

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