The Truckman
John is a plumber, who has a turbulent relationship with his son Deacon who blames him for his mother's death. They live in a world where there is drought due to climate change. Therefore, they leave the city and escape into the flourishing forests where there are more natural resources. They belong to a group of people called the Outsiders, people who are marginalized by society and not given water by the government. So they travel in the wilderness in search of water.
The father and son find some water and travel back to the campsite in their truck. Whilst on their way, the Archetypes, who are a religious cult that rebelled against the government, see them with the tanks of water and follow them to the campsite to steal the tanks.
When John and Deacon arrive at the camp, they are welcomed by the others: Yi-Fei, Rick, Lily, and also by Deacon's wife called Rebecca who is pregnant and due to give birth. John and Rick discuss a plan of action to find more water for the coming days. Rebecca stands up and her water breaks. Rebecca calls for Yi-Fei for help, who aids her give birth in a tent. She delivers a baby girl, and John compliments Deacon. Deacon is triggered and argues with his father about fatherhood.
As John leaves the tent, he finds Rick dead on the floor. The Archetypes ambush the campsite and attack them all. Yi-Fei and Rebecca die, whilst Lily runs away. Deacon gets badly injured. John takes the newborn and Deacon away in the car.
Before he dies, Deacon expresses his gratitude and love toward John. He names the newborn "Hope". John buries his son and looks after Hope.

Best Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Andrea M. Catinella
A day like no other...
A man living in solitude decides to end his life but it was without counting on comical situations that will thwart his plans...

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Dark Comedy (Additional Category)

Directed by: Pascal Lastrajoli
Ines is invited to her boyfriend's family dinner. A meal organised by the father of the latter: Frédéric. The problematic family past pushes Ines to have suspicions concerning the ins and outs of this meeting. Moreover, Ines is taken by strange visions.

Best Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Quentin Blum
Lost Innocence
Lost Innocence" weaves a complex narrative set against the backdrop of Cambodia's digital landscape, where Botum, a girl besieged by grief and poverty, falls prey to the insidious charms of Socheat, a cyber predator. Engulfed in a digital labyrinth of deceit and coercion, Botum's fight for survival beckons an ally in the least likely of places. Her harrowing quest for liberation transcends personal redemption, morphing into a crusade that illuminates the dark corners of the internet and ignites a movement against the silent epidemic of online abuse.

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Director (Main Category)
Best Director Of Photography (Main Category)
Best Actress (Main Category) - Sokythyda Vannarin
Best Drama (Additional Category)

Directed by: Christian Elliott
Shut up!
Piero, a local comedian, dreams so much of going on television that when he does... he can't get out of it.

Best Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Matteo Berdini
Set in the heart of rural England, Rudy finds her relationship with her father being tested. Stuck as a proxy parent to her younger siblings and dealing with a recent loss, she feels increasingly pushed out when her home gets opened up to a paying guest. Through a newfound friendship with a boy from Coventry, Rudy discovers fun, freedom and autonomy, but is it at the sacrifice of unspoken family wounds?
A poignant insight into love, loss and moving on.

Best Feature Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Shona Auerbach
Silent Partners
A Mob based drama set in Miami during the 1980’s. A mild mannered insurance salesman by day, Valentine doubles as Chicago mob soldier hell bent on creating is on good fortune and exit from the family.

Best Feature Film (Main Category)
Best Actor (Main Category) - James Russo

Directed by: Jorge “Jokes” Yanes
Super Beef
Super Beef is the story of Hondo, a drug abusing, heavy drinking, narcoleptic who only wants to relax and eat a popular local sandwich. Instead, fate has him embroiled in a plot alongside and against government agents, interplanetary-beings, and a secretive coterie that offers unheralded knowledge through a mysterious ceremony.

Best Feature Film (Main Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)

Directed by: Nicholas D'Agostino
Absolute Pin
When a person gets involved in issues that he had no role in, he actually pays for the actions of others. He gets caught in a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out. He feels that he is falling. He desperately tries to get out of this situation.

Best Experimental Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Meysam Bagheri
My Digital Truth
A banker in present day London on a quest for knowledge, battling illness, and forming an eerie alliance with ChatAI, blurring the lines between reality and the digital world.

Best Experimental Film (Main Category)
Best No-Dialogue Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Swen Werner
I dreamed of being an actress
This documentary is a tribute to Purification, an emigrant in France. Through interviews with her husband, Manuel Rodrigues, and contemporary women in her life, the film highlights these emigrants' journeys, revealing their stories of overcoming challenges and the lasting impact on their lives.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Lara Rodrigues Amaral
The Disconnection
The DISCONNECTION will take you on an extraordinary journey of discovery, combining earth’s beauty and one of our greatest needs as human beings.
This short film highlights the disconnect between our fellow earthlings, the animal and the shocking reality of our choices today. It calls into awareness the way we view and treat animals as a defining characteristic of our own species.
Amongst the beauty and the pain, the film inspires hope, a way to come into reconnection with the earth and its inhabitants, which is accessible to all of us.
All that is needed is what we already have within, compassion.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)
Best Inspirational Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Frank Metivier
Complete Surrender
Complete Surrender is a short documentary film that asks the question: what is love? It follows five renowned artists as they explore how two female medieval mystics – Marguerite Porete and Hadewijch – have led them to believe that the answer is 'complete surrender'.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Pol Herrmann, Louise Nelstrop
"356" is a run-and-gun cinematography style documentary short
where the end is the hook to our full-length documentary
" If the Ocean Could Talk - A Voice for the North Atlantic." (Currently in production)
Working on our documentary, "If the Ocean Could Talk - A Voice for the North Atlantic" with former Blue Planet Underwater Producer, Jo Ruxton, she asked,” What’s your hook?” Trusting in the power of storytelling we said, “the hook will come!” and indeed it did.
We were filming in the North Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina to acquire footage of whales near Hope Spot Hatteras. We traveled all day but didn’t find one, except, a newborn critically endangered North Atlantic right whale dead on a North Carolina beach. Number 356. It became the call from the ocean to find out what happened to this newborn and why that one life matters to the survival of his species. The newborn became the hook for the full-length, breathing life back into this newborn by telling his story.
We have two intertwining important stories that unfold. One is the demise of one of the most endangered whales in the world, the North Atlantic right whale, and how it’s on us to save them or they will be gone in our lifetime. The other important story, told by economist Ralph Chami, PhD, is the fact that whales are called farmers of the sea. By defecating, they not only provide nutrients to phytoplankton responsible for every other breath of oxygen we take, but also mitigate climate change. Phytoplankton are plants of the sea that conduct the gas exchange from carbon to oxygen. If we lose the whales, we lose their role in carbon cycling beneficial to the base of the food web that has a ripple effect on all life on earth and why the ocean is calling. Chami introduces the concept of valuing living whales for their ecosystem services instead of valuing them dead. This new economy based on natural capital will be explained in great detail in the full-length documentary and how we can build new economies that benefit both nature and our way of life.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Bonnie Louise Monteleone
The True Cost of War
Hard-hitting documentary following the day of a Ukrainian military funeral. The true cost of war is not about oil, or territory. It's about the loss of life, something that can never be replaced.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Tony Hindhaugh
One Pint at a Time
Craft beer generates tens of billions of dollars annually for the US economy. Despite beer’s Egyptian and African heritage, these traditions have been mostly forgotten and are rarely found in American brewing culture. Today, Black-owned breweries make up less than 1% of the nearly 9,000 breweries in operation. Eager to shift the historical perception of who makes and drinks beer, Black brewers, brand owners and influencers across the country are reshaping the craft beer industry and the future of America’s favorite adult beverage.

Best Feature Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Aaron Hosé
Nico is an energetic 8-year-old boy who has the ability to fold all objects as if they were made of paper. On a lovely autumn morning, he happily gathers all the things he loves about his house while preparing himself for a life-changing voyage.

Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: Fabián Molinaro San Martín
Pilot - Group Therapy
In this dark comedy, 7 unique and relatable characters venture out of their comfort zone through group exercises, exposure therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Following each of the characters in their personal lives, (Carmen in the pilot episode) we see how they interact with the world outside and inside therapy, and how their personalities and symptoms vary. As their personal lives spiral downward, the group becomes more open, honest, and cohesive. Through humor and vulnerability, the characters make self-discoveries and are one step closer to self-acceptance.

Best Short Screenplay (Main Category)
Best Television Script (Additional Category)

Written by: Jaycee J. Brill
A dark supernatural thriller

RICHARD, a guilt-ridden young English man travels to Jamaica hoping to escape his past by working on a sugar plantation to help his Uncle. However, the plantation is owned by a beautiful ‘obeah’ woman called ANNIE PALMER. Although Richard quickly falls under her spell, he’s alarmed by the strange things that happen there. When RHEA, the educated daughter of KOTO, a powerful African obeah leader is bewitched to death, the slaves rebel against Annie. Richard is now faced with an agonizing decision: does he join the slave rebellion, which he believes is just and leave Annie helpless, or defend the woman he has come to love in spite of everything?
All the superstitious sensuality of a Caribbean island is seen in this dynamic story of witchcraft, sex and a slave rebellion.
( Based on a true story. Annie Palmer ran a sugar plantation in Jamaica in 1880s. Her house Rosehall has now been restored by an American millionaire.)

Best Feature Screenplay (Main Category)
Best Unproduced Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Linda M JAMES
A group of scientists on an Antarctic research base fight for their lives as a visitor brings a deadly virus with him.

Best Original Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Christopher Pennington
Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah
One cold morning at the Apachieland saloon two men walked in and sat at the end of the bar to my right. One was a big fellow with wavy hair down to his shoulders, mustached and bearded---he looked like he’d seen better days. The other man was smaller, also bearded and mustached, and wore a bandanna on his head. I asked the big fella, ”What’s your name?” “Frank Kawaloski,” he smiled. “Are you guys with the film crew?” They nodded. I looked them over and said, “I hear the director is a Little Cesar and when he says jump, you ask how high?” The smaller man asked, “Do you want a shot of brandy in your coffee?” “Yes,” I replied, as it was freezing in the saloon. Frank asked if I was afraid, and I said, “NO! That guy better not try pushing me or…” and I raised my little fist and shook it. Frank looked at the smaller man and said, “Do you see that SAM? You better behave, or this little girl will part your hair!” “Really? I’m Sam Peckinpah.” We stared at each other for a bit then I said, “Gotta Go”, finished my coffee, jumped off the barstool, and skedaddled.
When the film crew started working in town, I was an extra. Every time I turned around, I caught him looking at me. Understand, although people said I looked like Doris Day, I didn’t think so. I always had a weight problem and I didn’t like myself. I didn’t understand what was happening, as all my emotions were going crazy. Why this man? Why did I have these strong feelings for this old grizzly guy? I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, my heart hammered, and my head hurt. I wanted to run but needed the money, so worked and tried to keep my distance.
The following day, Sam worked the crew from 8 AM to 3 AM. There was always tension on the set, but that night electricity was in the dry cold desert air. Sam looked at me and said, ”You walk by with that cowboy over there and be happy and gay.” “No, I’m tired, find somebody else.” Lucian Ballard looked at me pleadingly. “Ok”, I said, and picked a cowboy from our street shows, walked past the camera, turned, looked into the camera, and said, “Ha. Ha, Ha,” and kept walking. Sam softly said, “Cut… you, my dear are a rotten, rotten, Rotten actress!” “Do it again, Goddammit!” The second time I did do it perfectly.
The next morning up at the barn standing near a beautiful black horse, I looked down the street and watched Sam standing in the middle of the road giving orders to the crew. You’ve heard of road rage, well, I had horse rage. Before I knew it, I was up on that black horse leaning down his neck and said, “You see that man? He called me a rotten, rotten, rotten actress. Let’s kill ‘em.” I kicked that horse and we thundered down the road hell-bent for leather. Sam saw us coming, didn’t move a muscle, and just stood there. Luckily the horse was smarter than me, sidestepped at the last instant so that my leg hit Sam’s arm, and twisted him into the direction we were going.
Pulling up the horse, I looked back and saw Sam standing there looking at me with a Mona Lisa smirk on his face.
The story is emotional, funny, and sad…
The film ends with a mini-documentary...

Best Unproduced Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Nancee LaFayette-Pang
One more day
During the pandemic of COVID-19, a young girl learns the consequences through her actions, marking the beginning of a new way of living.

Best Micro-Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Elanit Rubalcava
Raconte l’histoire d’un jeune homme qui fais tout pour réaliser son rêve a paris de devenir comédien mais la réalité du milieu va finir par avoir raison de lui entre les problèmes familiaux , l’es problème d’argent est la difficulté de partir de 0 Amine va peut a peut sombrer psychologiquement …
Tells the story of a young man who does everything to realize his dream in Paris of becoming an actor but the reality of the environment will end up getting the better of him between family problems, the problem of money is the difficulty of leaving from 0 Amine goes can a can sink psychologically

Best Actor (Main Category) - Sdiri Mohamed

Directed by: Sdiri Mohamed
Morris, a shoe shop owner, wakes up every morning not knowing what the day will bring. And neither do his customers. Is it mood swings or is it something else?

Best Actor (Main Category) - Paul Kozinski
Best Costume Design (Additional Category)
Best Comedy (Additional Category)

Directed by: Daryl Cockburn
In the solitude of her eccentric existence, an aged woman, ailing and peculiar, shares her abode with her faithful animals. Despite extending an invitation to her daughter and grandson to celebrate her birthday, her plea echoes unanswered, leaving her to retire for the night in desolation. Does she succumb to an eternal sleep?
The next morning, her nephew will find out when he visits her on her birthday.

Best Actress (Main Category) - Eleonora Gasparotto

Directed by: Giulia Brazzale
A man struggles with a supernatural adversary that he can only hold at bay by taking a mysterious pill.

Best Original Score (Main Category)
Best Makeup (Additional Category)

Directed by: Jesse Kalavoda, Andrew Stirling MacDonald
The Zen Art of Stone Squeezing
Back in Spring 2022 Harry Wheeler got a phone call from local community activist and death doula Mary Clear. She tells him that she's helping a man out by the name of John Mounsey, “he only has four weeks left to live” and wants to document his last days on film. Since then, Wheeler and Mounsey have been chatting and collaborating. ‘The Zen Art of Stone Squeezing’ is a by-product of a film Wheeler is making about a precognitive dream that involves John dancing in his own coffin.
John takes us through his life of being a Dry Stone Waller and how by integrating Kung Fu into his practice, he has been able to overcome adversity and live a life of poetry, where inner places seem to match and coincide with the physical landscapes he finds himself working in.

Best Cinematography (Main Category)

Directed by: Harry Wheeler
Brief-Horacio, a lonely young man, cornered between his routine and disturbing dreams, stops and isolates, revealing a vital message.
Long- Horacio is a lonely young man trapped between a repetitive routine and his allegorical dreams that do not let him rest. In these circumstances, he makes the decision not to continue with his routine. But through this act his observation of common things reveal a profound message of vitality.

Best Cinematography (Main Category)
Best Student Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Héctor Calvillo Hernández
A young man, called "The Hydra", and a young woman who calls herself "The Gorgon" meet while waiting in line. She is a poet with an extravagant personality. He carries a deep secret : he suffers from a derealization disorder which alters his relationship to the world and others. His dreams and nightmares at night merge with his daily life to confuse his reality.
Their encounter, like two opposites attracting each other, will push them to run away from the society which marginalizes them to experiment a new way of life. In the wilderness, fasting or taking a vow of silence, they will both reveal their deepest wounds.

Best Director Debut (Additional Category)
Best No-Budget Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Giovanni Di Legami
If I Knew
A man, suffering from a psychiatric disorder, tries to understand what exactly is going on in his difficult life.

Best Student Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Piro Gjylameti
A surrealist story of feeling alone, trapped, and exhausted; a lone man has to survive the forest that challenges him mentally and physically.

Best Young Director (Additional Category)
Best Symbolic Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Louis Lampard
"ANIMAL MESSENGER" is the true story about a woman who communicates telepathically with a variety of animals including Keiko the orca whale after his starring role in the movie, "Free Willy." Despite a gallant attempt to return Keiko to the wild, Lisa struggles to help Keiko be heard and convince his caretakers that Keiko does not want to be set free.

Best Screenwriter Debut (Additional Category)

Written by: Bonnie Norton
The Adventures of Harris & Jermaine
A darkly whimsical modern take on “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Best Screenwriter Debut (Additional Category)

Written by: Amber White
"What is Synesthesia? The contamination of the senses? Can one 'see' a sound or 'feel' a color?
In this videoclip, Gianni Salamone, with the help of Katia Della Fonte, a performer with animal-like movements, takes us back to an almost primitive being with precisely primary needs: eating, smelling, touching, having sex, in a mix of contaminations that will free him from the constraints of a life that increasingly alienates us from reality. Synesthesia is somewhat a metaphor for these times. We have everything at our disposal, everything within reach, and yet we fail to realize that we no longer even know what scent a woman's body or the food we eat can have.
In this videoclip, the concept is amplified, expanding the idea that a person can express themselves to the fullest only through their 'primitive' being."

Best Music Video (Additional Category)
Best Makeup (Additional Category)

Directed by: Gianni Salamone, Marzio Benelli
Song's text :
I swear
In the name of god
I swear
In the name of all the gods
I swear
Hate is back
Shame is back
I swear
In Love we trust
In life we trust
I swear
The world is drifting
The gods are screaming
Hélène, Loubna, Tayssir, Asta, George, Olivia
They won’t kill Love
All these souls lost
They won’t kill Dove
I swear
The gods are crying
I swear
All we need is Love
I swear

Best Music Video (Additional Category)

Directed by: Nathan Hey
The Dead Hit Back

Best Horror (Additional Category)

Directed by: Andre Salloom
The Meeting
A tight-knit group of teachers at an all-girls school, where there is not a single male educator, is getting a new Computer Science teacher…His name is Edward Henrihovych Shokoladenko. This stunning news is wreaking havoc on a teacher’s meeting, pushing the estranged best friends to re-evaluate their relationships.

Best Comedy (Additional Category)

Directed by: Olexander Leonidovich Onufriev
Getting Hit On
Sentimental romance and spy-themed action thriller collide in this genre-bending, out-of-the-box dark comedy by emerging production company The Paper Cones Group.
Dirk, a newbie hitman, has just been given his first big assignment at his organization: killing Kenny, a high-ranking pharmaceutical executive who is supposedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. In order to get Kenny alone, Dirk has found his profile on Grindr, and is meeting up with him now under the guise of taking him out on a date. Dirk invites Kenny to join him for dinner in the private room of a fancy restaurant, accompanied by his nosy and overbearing superior, "Quick Tongue" (who is pretending to be a waiter to avoid suspicion). Their mission is simple: extract as much information as they can, and then go in for the kill.
As Dirk continues to maintain the charade of dating Kenny, he discovers that his target isn't anything like the cold, unfeeling monster that he was led to expect. He's shy, awkward, and seems to be a truly kind person, despite what he does for a living. Dirk learns that Kenny found himself progressing through the ranks of his company quickly, and soon ended up in a position where he appeared to have power even though he didn't feel like it. Dirk relates to Kenny's life story immensely, and begins to feel a legitimate spark between them. Suddenly, he has to decide between carrying out his mission and pursuing a relationship with the man he's been ordered to kill.
Little does Dirk know that Kenny has secrets of his own-- and he might just get Dirk's heart to melt.

Best Dark Comedy (Additional Category)

Directed by: Lilton Stewart III

Best Original Song (Additional Category)

Directed by: Michaela Kuti
Tricycle: Ride to Arrive
TRICYCLE: Ride to Arrive reveals the true story of a high-octane cyclist who puts the pedals to the metal. The gloves are off in this spoof of a popular streaming documentary series about Formula 1 racing.

Best Sport Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Geoff Adams
A First Flight - Meu Primeiro Voo
During the pandemic, a man trapped at home tries to discover new forms of freedom, choosing to fly through the empty city.

Best Inspirational Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Fernando Haro
The struggle of addiction. The healing in recovery.

Best Inspirational Film (Additional Category)
Best No-Budget Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Bryce Mackie
Live Bait
While fishing, the grandfather gives his grandson a speech about the closed world of the baits in a jar.
He is explaining in a few words how the bait in the jar stay alive. By strength or luck, just like us humans.
The little boy looks at the jar and listens to his grandfather in silence, seemingly unaffected, uninterested in the story.
However, when he arrives home, he makes a decision.
He does not want to accept a world in which either force or luck decides our fate.

Best Independent Film (Additional Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)

Directed by: Szilárd Demján, Gergő Bárdi
Fighters of no return
A quick but in depth look on the fight against Covid 19. A look at the lesson we learned and also the ones fought on the front line. It is a fight of "no return" because there is no gain in the fight. And we probably can't even say we "won" the fight, because most of us merely survived. However, listen how people in Taipei fought the pandemic and walked out stronger and better.

Best Covid-19 Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Shihyun Wang, James Chen
Bat Diary
In the parallel universe, men are on the verge of extinction! In their curiosity and in their longings, they take a mysterious drug that will be their undoing....

Best Fantasy Film (Additional Category)
Best Costume Design (Additional Category)

Directed by: Silvano Plank
Bacon Day
Sasha and Layla forge a connection in eating disorder treatment that catches them both by surprise.

Best Producer (Additional Category)

Directed by: Catherine Ann Taylor
MANAGE THIS! web series
Mia Foreman has held sway in Vermont for many decades discovering and managing such bands as Phish and Grace Potter, she has finally hit a wall on all levels. Her managing career has dwindled to two, unstable clients as she struggles to care for her father’s failing health. Ever hopeful, and focused on making her career work, Mia searches for the next Musical Star among a heap of eccentric artists in a valiant effort to secure her life, business and status as an ace of a music manager.

Best Web-Series (Additional Category)

Directed by: Michael Monks, Tara OReilly
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