Say My Name
A violated girl is trapped in an underworld of shame. As a child, she was exploited by her father and his friends, and then thrown to the streets as a vulnerable teenager. Despite life going against Mel at every turn, she is determined to see the good in people and find hope before her past catches up with her.

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Screenwriter Debut (Additional Category) - Rhoyce Nova and Mel Baker
Best Inspirational Film (Additional Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category) - Mel Baker

Directed by: Rhoyce Nova
Grandma's Magic Pills
Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Student Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Jing-Yu Xiao
An Afro-futurist scrapbook storytelling of a Harlem Black family's beautiful destruction during the 2008 recession. A natural disaster so mesmerizing you can't look away from the tragedy. Based on true events

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)

Directed by: Cameron Tyler Carr
A young woman posts a photo on flimsy outfit on social network. Little by little a quiet man horde invade her house and decide to keep her body.

Best Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Manon Lantignac, Lilou Romans
Who Invited The Robots?
Young love is so easy! ...At the beginning.
Adam and Dolores want to take the next big step in their relationship by moving in together, but Dolores needs her friend’s approval first.
A dinner party is set so everyone can become acquainted with Dolores’ new boyfriend. A true test of any budding love story — will they like Adam? Will Adam like them?
It’s a nerve wracking moment for everyone involved, but what’s the worst that could happen?

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Dark Comedy (Additional Category)

Directed by: Jack Schneiderman, Todd Wallace, Dan Rathke
Five Questions
In Five Questions, Jill, a young woman played by Amber Paul, comes to terms with an early trauma in her life. In each of the film's five scenes, a question is asked that propels Jill forward and toward an answer that opens a path to resolution.
Written and directed by David Arrow, the film stars Amber Paul as Jill and features a diverse supporting cast that includes Donna Lynne Champlin, Kiera Allen, Joyia D. Bradley and Elijah Guo. The film was produced by Leon Derriey.

Best Short Film (Main Category)
Best Director (Main Category)
Best Actress (Main Category): Amber Paul
Best Supporting Actor (Additional Category): David Arrow
Best Supporting Actress (Additional Category): Donna Lynne Champlin
Best Young Actress (Additional Category): Eliza Simone
Best Editing (Additional Category)
Best Cinematography (Additional Category)
Best Sound Design (Additional Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category): Leon Derriey
Best Closing Credits (Additional Category)
Best Poster (Additional Category)

Directed by: David Arrow
No, Prime Minister!
NO, PRIME MINISTER! A tough bodyguard was promoted to the position of head of the Prime Minister's security team over her seniors. In her new role, she has to face the Prime Minister - a lonely, powerful, and macho man whose policies are controversial, in order to establish her position and fulfill her role and protect the Prime Minister's life, in the midst of a tumultuous election campaign and in the shadow of threats to his life, behind which there is a former Bodyguard.

Best Short Film (Main Category)

Best Actor (Main Category): ALON STEINBERG

Best Black&White Film (Additional Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category)

Directed by: YURI RIKLIS
Somewhere in the space between reality and fairy tale. A poet left in tragic loneliness sees as if on a film, his entire past and the price he paid for his poems.

Best Feature Film (Main Category)

Best Original Screenplay (Main Category)

Best Actor (Main Category): Vincent Molli
Best Director Of Photography (Main Category)
Best Cinematography (Main Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category)

Directed by: Nikolay Bogomilov
Sparrow Street
A typical suburban neighborhood is plunged into a nightmare as an invisible, monstrous force begins picking the neighbors off, one by one. The terror outside the house is no match to the terror that forms inside the house where survival, isolation, and hunger all play tricks of the mind for a man, an expectant wife, and their unborn child. The film begs the big question and the great reveal - What is eating the neighbors?

Best Feature Film (Main Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)
Best Horror (Additional Category)
Best No-Budget Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Billy Jack
Shumisen town
A short art animation work created using printmaking techniques including woodblock prints and collagraphs.

Best Experimental Film (Main Category)
Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: 直隆 遠藤
A Curious Woman
A surreal love story. A lonely woman with erotic desires, searches for love in Paris.

Best Experimental Film (Main Category)
Best Actress (Main Category): Angela Manke
Best Editing (Additional Category)

Directed by: Kelby Thwaits
In an environment barren of almost all life, where heat and blinding light rule all, a woman slowly burns in the sun. She stands still and muted. Unable to utter words with sound, she mourns over the paradoxes and deadends in her life. Out of loneliness and shame, she buries herself to hide away from the burning rays and becomes assimilated into the landscape. All her questions remain unanswered but she is not all alone.

Best Experimental Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Antonia Economou, Christos Adrianopoulos
Walking in Iceland - Glacier Edition
"Walking in Iceland" is a solo walking trip in Iceland. In this episode, I visit the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, a surreal and incredible place with its canyons and ice caves. Unfortunately, global warming is having devastating effects on Icelandic glaciers and beyond. In this episode, I want to have users "walk" with me to see the changes this glacier has had in just 6 months. Unfortunately, many parts of both the Ice Canyon and the Ice Cave filmed in this documentary no longer exist. I have experienced this loss firsthand, and I hope to raise awareness for those who watch it.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Dario Mentesana
Terror in Toulouse: Has the Community Recovered?
In 2012, a radical Islamist opened fire on a Jewish High School in Toulouse, France, killing three children and a religious instructor. In this documentary, Lisa Burkhardt Worley will retell the story of this antisemitic attack and will explain the state of antisemitism in France today.

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)
Best Inspirational Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Lisa Burkhardt-Worley
The forgotten
2023, Laik, Quentin, two homeless people take us into their difficult daily lives and show us how they survive in their precarious situations.
On the other hand, we have the marauders who help the homeless as best they can and testify to what they can see in a community forgotten by society...

Best Short Documentary Film (Main Category)
Best Drama (Additional Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category)

Directed by: Maxime LEFEBVRE
Filippo Zoi is a 24-year-old with autism. Gifted with a remarkable artistic sensitivity which takes up most of his energy, every year he draws thousands of comic strips and illustrates the children’s stories that his father writes, with two successful books to his credit. But what seems to be the catalyst for all his inner effort are doors and gates, which from childhood Filippo has catalogued in his mind, both to “touch” and to draw. Periodically he feels the need to list to his parents all the gates he has seen from when he was a child until now. This ritual seems anchored in reality as well affording him a pleasure all of his own. Intimate and impenetrable like autism itself.

Best Feature Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Adamo Antonacci
The Engine Inside
The Engine Inside—a new feature-length documentary narrated by Phill Liggett—tells the stories of six everyday people from all over the globe who reveal the unique power of the bicycle to change lives and build a better world.
Through their stories, the film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of this 200-year-old machine, exploring its impact on a wide range of global issues such as physical and mental health, socioeconomic inequality and climate change.
By shining a light on people who have embraced cycling as a way to overcome daunting personal and systemic challenges, The Engine Inside ultimately asks viewers to reconsider their own perspective. Is there a transformative power within us all that can be unlocked through the simple act of riding a bike?

Best Feature Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Darcy Wittenburg, Darren McCullough, Colin Jones, Anthill Films
The correct path
"The correct path" is a documentary that reflects the social changes in China and the realistic challenges people face in their pursuit of wealth and happiness. The film presents the desire of people in this era to escape poverty and achieve prosperity, while often losing their way in reality, prompting contemplation about the future of life and happiness.

Best Feature Documentary Film (Main Category)

Directed by: 陈纯权 CHUNQUAN CHEN
Swing to the Moon
Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the Moon. For that, she will do anything.

Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: Marie BORDESSOULE, Adriana BOUISSIE, Nadine DE BOER, Elisa DRIQUE, Chloé LAUZU, Vincent LEVRERO, Solenne MOREAU
Abnormal Adoration
The story revolves around a zombie girl, Susan, who has fallen in love with a monster boy, Allen, who seems to pay no attention to her. When Susan finds out that Allen loves the girls on the magazine covers, she becomes determined to change herself to fit what Allen might like. She attaches a long blonde wig to her head, but Allen still ignores her. Susan goes to extreme lengths to alter her appearance, switching her eyeball, increasing the size of her chest with a skull, and even cutting her waist to make it thinner. However, none of these changes win Allen's attention, and Susan becomes increasingly sad and angry. She pounds on Allen's locker, causing the posters to fall down, revealing the last one with a message that reads "The Dumber the Better". Seeing this,Susan decides to throw away her brain. Unfortunately, her drastic action still does not earn Allen's attention, and in the process, Susan loses her sense of self.

Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: Mingyuan Ye
The Record
An antique musical instrument dealer obsessively plays a magical vinyl record that “reads your mind and plays your lost memories.” Even the forgotten ones.

Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: Jonathan Laskar
Home office
The schools are in lockdown due to corona, and Lilly (10) must stay at home and take care of her drunk mother. When the bad girl from class sees what’s going on at home, Lilly thinks her secret is in danger. But sometimes help can come from where you least expect it.

Best Animation (Main Category)

Directed by: Endre Lund Eriksen, Daniel Damm
The Master of Sento
Shitamachi (traditional commercial district) Tokyo. Asakusa, Taito-ku. At an old public bath, there is an old fashioned, stubborn master who doesn't speak much and his beautiful wife. The couple runs the business well, but the wife leaves home due to the husband's bad drinking habit. Instead of learning from his wife's leaving, his drinking habit gets worse. Losing patience, his nosy neighbors visit him and persuade him into getting back together with his wife... Set in the public bath "Arimayu", which was built in 1930 and is still open, the story depicts the relationship of a married couple and humanity.

Best Short Screenplay (Main Category)
Best Director (Main Category)
Best Actor (Main Category): Hirotaka Inage
Best Original Score (Main Category)

Directed by: Yusuke Ishide
The Light At The End
A woman caring for a husband with Alzheimer's must choose between a treatment that will extend his life or let the long goodbye and the existence that has become her new normal come to an end .

Best Short Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Lynda Simmons
The Sandman
A troubled young man, Charlie, struggles with his inner demons personified by the Sandman, as his mother, Marion, exerts control over him through medication and manipulation, ultimately leading to a dark and unsettling series of events.

Best Short Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Dillon Padraig Noah Hamill
You Are My Oxygen
When an acclaimed saxophonist, Johan, begins experiencing difficulty breathing, the love of Sara, his devoted wife, is pushed to its limits.

Best Feature Screenplay (Main Category)

Written by: Toby Smith
Immortal Mind
In a future world where brain-computer interface (BCI) surgery is ubiquitous, individuals face a choice: upload their consciousness to the cloud for immortality, or preserve their physical bodies in a body archive and upload their consciousness for future resurrection. For those who choose the latter, the promise of reawakening in a tangible form brings new opportunities and challenges as they navigate a world that has advanced far beyond their previous lives.

Best Micro-Short Film (Main Category)

Directed by: Roku Jingwen Long
Bespoke Dad (2023)
A phone call leads to possibly unravelling the lies Areeb (Shrirang Deshmukh) is living as he spends an evening with his wife, Ghazel (Jav Moughal) and daughter, Amira (Aveah Samuels).

Best Actor (Main Category): Shrirang Deshmukh
Best Young Actress (Additional Category): Aveah Samuels

Directed by: Thomas Jackson
Tell Me You Love Me
Based on a true story - A rooftop party for two, a brother & sister celebrate their love. She has escaped from a violent husband but her scars run deep. She makes the ultimate choice.

Best Actor (Main Category): Danny Bayne
Best Actress (Main Category): Tamzin Outhwaite

Directed by: Paulette Randall MBE
Triggered by the loss of her mother, a second-generation Vietnamese art student living in the UK, experiences unsettling visions which she needs to understand so that she can fully express herself in her artwork and ultimately repair the fractured relationship she has with her father.

Best Actress (Main Category): Kim Nguyen

Directed by: Evan Preston
Lurid Woman
A man wanders into a speakeasy on a dreary night. It’s the roarin’ ‘20s, but it’s not roarin’ in the prohibition South. A Seductive Songstress sings a sultry, dark, tune to an intimate crowd. The Suave Bartender poses as a soda jerk. A Debonair Couple nervously cradles an envelope of cash at their table. A Broad Man angrily downs his drinks and tries to keep it together. A Beautiful Brunette stalks the bar and the room while playing with her silver, skeleton room key. The entrancing song, the Lurid Woman, urges this mysterious ensemble to carry out their dark intents.

Best Student Film (Additional Category)
Best Covid-19 Film (Additional Category)
Best Scenography (Additional Category)
Best Black & White Film (Additional Category)
Best Poster (Additional Category)

Directed by: Porter Justus
Happy Birthday
"Happy Birthday" tells the story of a young girl struggling with addiction and loneliness. Nora realises she has lost control over her life through her sister's voicemails

Best Student Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Vittoria Benigno
You Made Me
A torn father son relationship goes terribly wrong, when in order to prove his courage, the son decides to play a hero and murders two boys about to rape a girl. Driven by bloodlust and no coming back from the shooting, he takes his anger out on the school. The police arrive and the father (cop) has to stop his own son.

Best Young Director (Additional Category)

Directed by: Lukas Amores
Marky the Magnificent Fairy; A Disability story of Courage, Kindness, and Acceptance.
This story is a wonderful resource for children with disabilities, or to help children understand how to be kind to others who have disabilities, no matter their age. The principles of courage, kindness and understanding are universal when dealing with individuals who have disabilities of any kind. Many of the people around us have disabilities, some visible and some invisible, while others face these challenges later in life. This story taps into the imagination of young readers by helping them imagine themselves among a group of fairy friends. By creating fictional characters, such as Marky, readers can imagine themselves in the story. They feel for Marky when the other woodland creatures make fun of her. They laugh at her small wing or say mean things about her fiery-red hair, her glasses or even her freckles. That really hurt Marky’s feelings, and young readers can relate to this. Readers learn that Marky is not that different from the other fairies. Everyone has hopes and dreams! The book also includes a valuable resource guide for parents, caregivers and teachers: “How to talk to children about people with disabilities.”

Best Screenwriter Debut (Additional Category)

Written by: Cynthia Kern OBrien
Dior Lover_Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare
SYNOPSIS of the film "Dior Lover", genre drama, comedy: Dior Lover works for a gourmet factory, yet she also draws Dior Fashion sketches hoping to work for Dior one day. And she receives a precious Dior item she can only dream of, and she is forced to confront a business person to prove it's hers. Soon she faces an emotional journey, not knowing that her personality is admirable. Audience: Everybody who loves the beauty of life.

Best Supporting Actor (Additional Category)
Best Editing (Additional Category)
Best Producer (Additional Category)
Best Composer (Additional Category)

Directed by: Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare
My Last Seven Years Episode 3 "The First Terror"
Daniel's time has run out, to his horror, as he experiences The First Terror from The Book of Revelation...The Locust.

Best VFX (Additional Category)

Directed by: Danilo Buendia
Autumn, dawn. The forest rustles everywhere, it looks like it lives. On the edge, an old isolated house. And in this house, a room, decrepit. A man, Greg, wakes up painfully, like he's having a hangover ... If it was not that ...

Best Horror (Additional Category)

Directed by: Pierre Renverseau
Dark Love
Saras life is comming apart, so she is about to move back home to her mom. However, a new friendship has her questioning all the bad luck she has gotten recently.

Best Horror (Additional Category)

Directed by: Martin Leon Lindstedt
Motel Room
Motel Room, based on a true event, explores the friendship that develops between an Armenian teenage boy and the prostitute his father hired to take his virginity.

Best LGBTQ+ Film (Additional Category)
Best Original Score (Main Category)

Directed by: Bradford Lipson
Bitter Brownies
In this dark comedy, a devious thief pilfers lunches from the company refrigerator. Staff employees are out for blood. Where will the food bandit strike next?!!!

Best Dark Comedy (Additional Category)
Best Poster (Additional Category)

Directed by: James Carman
John is a cast member of the EMMY Award-winning “Bob’s Burgers” as matriarch Linda Belcher which landed him first EMMY nod in the category of “Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance”.
In 2017 Blondie tapped him to drop some lyrical fire on “Love Level” from their critically acclaimed chart-topper Pollinator. "Looking," a wild anthem produced by Big Black Delta, followed in 2019, marked his solo debut with remixes by Tensnake and Gerd Janson. The song—which landed at #19 on UK club charts--along with “Dirty Little Secrets” In 2022 Roberts released a full album of club bangers with legendary DJ Junior Sanchez featuring Beth Ditto and Debbie Harry as well as remixes by Harry Romero and Felix da Housecat.
John’s first release of 2023 is a return to pop with his single “Danger” a moody mid-tempo 80’s esq bop produced by Junior Sanchez offers an exciting musical landscape filled with pulsating sounds and throbbing rhythm as well as Roberts vibrant and signature vocal style that brings the music to life.

Best Music Video (Additional Category)
Best Original Song (Additional Category)

Directed by: Ned Stresen-Reuter
Many years ago, while my father was working on his Bonsai plants in the garden, my mother said to me "He made my life a Bonsai" The result, decades later was this extremely personal work intertwining the technically brutal creation of the beautiful bonsai tree with the life of my mother.

Best Dance Video (Additional Category)

Directed by: Leslie Yusuke Watanabe
No Porn Avocado
Carlos and Sandra are two adult film actors who survive in the difficult city of Los Angeles. Will they be able to continue loving and respecting each other in this situation?

Best Erotic Film (Additional Category)

Directed by: Gabriel Fornés
I'll Be
Carlos and Sandra are two adult film actors who survive in the difficult city of Los Angeles. Will they be able to continue loving and respecting each other in this situation?

Best No-Dialogue Film (Additional Category)
Best Original Score (Main Category)

Directed by: Bob Kotyk
After a night of casual sex between strangers, a lonely and nameless girl invites a nameless boy to spend a while at her house. He hides from her that they are after him for a settling of scores, she hides other things that make living with her a real hell. What seemed like she couldn't get worse she does after an unexpected visit.

Best No-Budget Film (Additional Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)

Directed by: Fernando Doménech Miró
Mr. Crazy
some end up well, some end up badly

Best Thriller (Additional Category)
Best Director Debut (Additional Category)

Directed by: Filippo Cristiano
When a meteor falls on a base on Mars and unveils a mysterious cave where aliens hide genetic research laboratories, commander Julius Favalli bypasses formal orders to investigate the hidden history of the bases of Mars and the reasons behind the aliens' previous attack on the human colony. He then faces the anger and desperation of a dying civilization fighting for survival.

Best Television Script (Additional Category)

Written by: Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone
A Tale of Two Cities in 4 Episodes
Dr. Manette, falsely imprisoned in the Bastille for 18 years, is released to the custody of his daughter, Lucie Manette. On the ferry from Calais to Dover, the French emigrant Charles Darnay, a young man with secret ties to French aristocracy, befriends them. Set up to be tried for treason against the English Crown by his uncle, the Marquis St Evremonde of France, Darnay is pronounced innocent based on his remarkable likeness to Sydney Carton, his dissolute lawyer. In his fervor to face off with his uncle by renouncing the privileges and abuses of the class to which he was born, Darnay unwittingly springs a trap set by the vengeful Madame Defarge, a trap with grave consequences for himself and the Manettes.

Best Adapted Screenplay (Additional Category)

Written by: Michael O'Rourke
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