Martín lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, in an industrial neighborhood.
His dog, named Penguin, is terminally ill, so he decides to take time off work to look after him. In addition to denying the seriousness of what is happening to him, this situation leads him to confront his girlfriend and friends.
Martín will go through his days, between the care and treatments for Pingüino, the pressure of going back to work and carrying on a relationship with his girlfriend Laura, who constantly questions the time invested in his dog.
The situation gets even more complicated when Penguin gets worse and must face an urgent operation that puts into debate what is the value of love towards animals.

"Best Short Film"

Directed by: Maximiliano Estomba
Santa Guerra
A woman falls down into a timeless place where her subconscious tries to process the trauma that crushes her. While a part of herself is stucked in a ghostly mansion and her double wanders in an ancestral place, the woman will reach a painful awareness.

"Best Feature Film"

Directed by: Samantha Casella
Bravo Marcel - The Century Climber
Still climbing on the sharp end of the rope at 99 years of age, Marcel Remy is a truly unique climbing super hero of our time that shows us in an incredible way that you are really never too old to achieve your goals in climbing and lead an inspiring life.

"Best Short Documentary"

Directed by: Hannes Tell
Berlin escape Artist
A grand tour along the 155 kilometre Berlin Wall of 1987, using a closely guarded treasure of exclusive, previously unseen video archives, punctuated by spectacular action sequences at several historic escape sites, allowing a broad public to understand the significance of this Wall-of-shame and it’s failure to suppress human freedom.

"Best Feature Documentary"

Directed by: Jean Bergeron
Can a soul come alive without being both haunted and carried by a primal rip that keeps it torn between the irrepressible quest for a certain form of completeness and the equally incoercible feeling of being deprived of it forever ?
This musical short movie evokes the life-and-death bond between two twins as a quantum entanglement explored through the interconnection of several levels of reality and temporality which are all versions of the same story. What is, maybe. What may have been. What could have been. What may have been deleted. So many dimensions that constitute a vast field of possibilities articulated according to a complex game. So what is real and what is fictional, since every version of reality keeps on haunting the others as an aborted alternative version of themselves ?

"Best Experimental Film"
"Best Music Video"
"Best Editing"

Directed by: Craig Murray
Full Moon
Full Moon tells a story about a little girl and her big sister celebrating Halloween. The little girl wonders about the man who she believes lives on the moon, who she also believes might need her help. Her big sister helps the little girl carry out her well-intentioned deed.

"Best Animation"

Directed by: John Vo, Ken Yoffe, Ellen Weisberg
BLACK TEAR ON WOLF SKIN reveals the transformation of a woman who lives a duality between an internal social imprisonment and external artistic freedom. Her conflicts are expressed through her body and mind, in a transgression between fantasy and reality.

"Best Director"

Directed by: Guilherme Augusto Bonini
Wish You Well - Director's Cut
The Boy and the Girl were in love. They led a plain yet loving life, sharing profound resonance with each other. The Girl loved the sea and they made a deal to travel to the sea someday. However, a sudden illness took the Girl's life. Before the Girl died, she had told the boy that the shadows of the two who are in love will move for one another, even when they are not physically together; and one’s longing for the loved one would send one’s shadow to the other.
After the Girl was gone, the Boy was overwhelmed with longing and sadness. When brushing his teeth, he hears the juicer play a sad love song. When having breakfast, he sees the Girl crying silently in the clouds. When passing by a lake, he sees the Girl smiling in the water; As he lays in bed, he remembers what the Girl had told him before she left. He remembers that the Girl liked to have him scratch her back while they were in bed, so he scratches his back as well on the countless sleepless nights.
The Boy went to the hospital for the scratches on his back. And the Doctor developed a special affection for the Boy, hoping to get closer to him. But the Boy, after losing the Girl, was already dead inside. That night, the Doctor had a long phone call with the Boy, where they told the stories of their lost loved ones, shared the haunting sadness, and mourned the losses in silence.
This night, as the moonlight shines on the Boy's face, the Girl turns into a bird and flies over to the Boy. At that moment, the shadow of longings cast on the wall. It turns out that some lost ones are never really gone, as the love is always there.

"Best Actor" - Shawn Xiao

Directed by: Nadia Guo
"Best Actress" - Hervine De Boodt

Directed by: Hervine De Boodt
Our Triumphant Holy Day
OUR TRIUMPHANT HOLY DAY chronicles filmmaker Greg Di Roma’s journey on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land in Israel and Palestine with 28 other pilgrims in January 2020. The film explores major sites of the Holy Land and their impact on Salvation History. The pilgrims follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and discover the human side of His story that highlight the true meanings of Love, Faith and Suffering. Along the way, the trip leads to a deep conversion in Greg’s Catholic Faith and Life that he never thought possible.

"Best Producer"

Directed by: Greg Di Roma
The Muse
Once successful novelist Mark is fighting for his sanity struggling to finish his book. Mark explores his difficult relations with his father and the sense of fear as an enemy of creativity. Will Mark sacrifice himself to finish his book on time?

"Best Director Debut"
"Best Original Screenplay"

Directed by: Max Karpylev
Emily returns from vacation and becomes a hostage of her own smart home. At first, it looks like a minor glitch in the system, but soon she realises that everything is much worse...

"Best Sci-Fi"
"Best Young Director"

Directed by: Alexander Fedchin
Slaughter On The Texas Plains Or The Untimely Death Of Mr. Took
Took, a hardened, dangerous, older man, claimed young Concepcion his property when he claimed her dead husband’s homestead. A passing Cowboy named Jude, witnesses the beatings, and sexual abuse Concepcion had to put up with. Rather than confront Took he refrains from getting involved and is about to leave when the Comanches show up. Concepcion proves to be tougher than imagined.

"Best Short Screenplay"

Written by: Wayne Gibson
The Way You See Me Now (Screenplay)
Extraterrestrials make a stealth landing late at night. They possess a unique capability never seen before. The mission becomes compromised when a curious young man discovers their covert presence in the night. The aliens confront him upon detecting his whereabouts. Now, their mission is no secret. And now, what do they do about being discovered? What do they do with the human? Will they complete their important mission? And if fate would have them meet, what would it all be for? Only destiny knows.

This is an adapted screenplay by Anthony Guilianti based on the novel The Way You See Me Now, written by Maury K. Downs

"Best Feature Screenplay"
"Best Adapted Screenplay"

Written by: Anthony Guilianti
Pinheiro | Ep01 - Soul
Presenting Pinheiro, a portrait of the modern skier and part of Atomic’s vision for the future of ski racing.
Soul is part one of a four part series profiling Lucas Pinheiro Braathen, the sport’s most exciting character. A celebration of skiing and our tribute to a time when skiers were rockstars and skied with their hair loose… “Honor the different, different is cool…”
The strive to improve and to perfection provides the main plot for this series, showcasing what it takes to become a complete skier - besides training and racing. This project is about opening the world of skiing to new people. A whole new generation of fans and people.

"Best Cinematography"

Directed by: Thomas Dunzendorfer
Quentin Robinot is a professional Ping Ping player. At only 25, and following multiple traumas, he had to have a hip prosthesis placed. Then comes the time for questioning: What happens when no one bets on you anymore?

"Best Covid-19 Film"
"Best Director Of Photography"
"Best Color Editing"

Directed by: Olivier La Combe
Two childhood friends are reunited when they decide to move in together but one soon realizes her friend is not how she used to be.

"Best Costume Design"

Directed by: Nina Cuso
Meriem is a young girl from a village in the mountain area, who has just finished High School. Her dream is to study to become a teacher, but her parents have other plans. As her parents do not approve of this dream they arrange a marriage, but her desire for studies makes her resist. In the end, Meriem compromises, but an unexpected event will radically change her life.

"Best Drama"

Directed by: Denis Spyriadis
What do we do?
Some employees of a massive corporation make the mistake of actually questioning their purpose.

"Best Comedy"

Directed by: Roderick Fenske
Sweetest Vacation
Leading viewers on a dark comedy fantasy romp through the mind, an elder is thrust into a different world . . . via some assistance.

"Best Dark Comedy"
"Best Fantasy Film"

Directed by: Ryan Stevens Harris
A Tiger in the Subway
An agoraphobic painter reflects on an old white lie his mother told him as a child.

"Best Thriller"

Directed by: James Abrams
Phoenix Incident
From Keith Arem (Award Winning Talent Director of Call of Duty & Titanfall), an investigation into the March 13th, 1997 disappearance of four Arizona men exposes a military cover-up of the largest UFO sighting in North America.

Thursday March 13th, 1997 marks the date of the Phoenix Lights, the largest mass UFO sighting in US History. The night of the incident, four Phoenix residents vanished in the Estrella Mountain National Park, south of Phoenix, becoming the longest unresolved missing person’s case in Arizona history.

This transmedia motion picture features never-before-seen classified recordings and material, Phoenix Incident presents incontrovertible evidence that the four men were victims of an extraterrestrial attack resulting from the US Air Force direct engagement with unidentified craft over the Estrella Mountains. The combined footage, testimonials and the government’s continued disinformation campaign are brought to light in this gripping documentary that will leave you questioning everything you think you know about "The Phoenix Incident".

Dozens of hidden websites, social media interactions and 4 hours of secret footage and materials comprise the alternative reality experience of the Phoenix Incident.

"Best Horror"

Directed by: Keith Arem
Marcelo, a 12-year-old boy who seeks to achieve his only dream, free himself and free his mother from a punishment imposed by a sexist society, but his only executioner, HIS FATHER, he (Marcelo) with the support of a strange stranger fills himself with courage and raises his voice before his executioner who is nothing more. Than another victim of the prejudices of his?

"Best LGBTQ+ Film"

Directed by: Margarita Faneitte
Ryan (Ray Cunningham) is Haunted by his past and not sure how to cope with the state of the world. Josh (Daniel Repas) Keeps trying to help Ryan emotionally but is Ryan to isolated and secluded to be saved? Kaitlyn (Emily Waterhouse) and Sam (Sheila Weiss) Try and figure out why people are mysteriously disappearing from camp. With only one doctor left in the camp being Chris (Tim Novotny) is there any hope or chance of survival in a zombie apocalypse?

"Best Action Film"

Directed by: Andrew William Chapman
Turn the Tide (Theme song for The 12th Letter)
Born in Melbourne Victoria, Australian singer, songwriter, composer and performing artist is most known for original music in films such as In The Company of Women and All Good Things. Emmaline has placed multiple songs in TV shows such as Vanderpump Rules, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Jeff Ross Roast Battle on Comedy Central TV network. She relocated to the United States and is based in Nashville, TN. Currently, she is the Music Supervisor for The 12th Letter.

"Best Original Song"

Created by: Jackie Hovorka & Emmaline
A rookie kaiju's plans for devastation and destruction are jeopardized after getting lost in the suburbs on his way to the big city, where he must deal with the most heinous monster of all: the HOA!

"Best Black & White Film"

Directed by: Bailey Oliver, Nathan Henry
Having failed to reach their dreams of starring in the NFL, the players in RugbyTown tell their own stories of crossing over to become professional athletes in a new sport as they help the USA win the Rugby World Cup

"Best Sport Film"
"Best TV Series"

Directed by: Patrick Guthrie
"Julia" is a little story about loss and loneliness, told only with images and music.

"Best No-Dialogue Film"
"Best Composer"

Directed by: Víctor Muñoz
Rock God - Episode8
Arron auditions duet talent, then is given a major career lead from the ghost star of his dreams!

"Best Web Series"

Directed by: J. D. Mata
A masseur arrives at his client’s place. It’s been a complicated day, and he is struggling not to spin out of control…

"Best Mobile Film"

Directed by: Malena Perrot
Pain Relief
A beautiful slice of life story that follows an elderly couple getting ready for bed one night, navigating their lives with Alzheimers disease.

"Best Student Film"

Directed by: Alex Chandler
The 12th Letter
The 12th Letter is about an unlikely pen pal relationship, not only because he is a Marine, war torn disabled veteran with PTSD and she’s a Catholic nun struggling with her own faith, but because their distance is not measured by how far away they are to each other in miles, but because they’re living 100 years apart.

"Best Inspirational Film"

Directed by: Jeff Smee, Jackie Hovorka- Assistant Director
The World Around Us
Forging connections through art for conservation efforts.

"Best Photography"

Photo by: Christie Goldstein
Adryen is an amateur apneist. Far from clichés about this discipline, he tells us about his sensations and takes us into deep immersion, in search of his first 60 meters.

"Best Original Score"

Directed by: Olivier La Combe
The Riot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
"Best Original Soundtrack"

Created by: Ivan Sintsov
"Best Symbolic Film"
"Best Sound Design"

Directed by: Hervine De Boodt
In a futuristic society, an AI driven dating app gauges new couples' compatibility. By monitoring their interactions, this app decides if they are compatible enough to be together...if not, their memories of each other will be erased.

"Best Romance"

Directed by: Nick Hiratsuka
Echoes from the City of the Dead The great necropolis of Olisipo
This documentary covers more than a century of archaeological discoveries in the great necropolis of Olisipo, the Roman Lisbon, from the first finding in 1850 to the discoveries made during the subway construction works in 1960 and the construction of the Praça da Figueira parking lot, in 1999.

Meanwhile, our perception of its great extension – along the road that linked the Roman city to its territory to the north – has been amplified by recent archaeological excavations, namely those that took place at Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, Calçada do Lavra and Rua de Santa Marta.

As discoveries and investigations continue, we are presented with the remains of graves, funerary monuments, human remains, and funerary objects that accompanied the deceased on their final journey.

In the midst of skeletons and the remains of cremations, there were also pots, jugs, oil lamps, silver rings, game pieces, the rare compass from a woman who worked in gold jewellery, the skeleton buried with a coin to pay for the journey between the world of the living and that of the dead, and the kit that went along with a Roman doctor to his grave – many stories that call to mind those who lived in ancient Roman Lisbon.

The great necropolis of Olisipo is thus gradually unveiled, offering us new and fascinating knowledge about our Roman ancestors.

The documentary presents the first recreation of what that necropolis would have been like. Through its 3D virtual archaeological recreation and featuring animations that help us to travel to the ancient time of Olisipo, the value of archaeology is there for everyone to see.

The work of archaeologists and conservators-restorers was covered for a period of four years, an effort that resulted in knowledge, narratives to be told and the finding of extraordinary objects that reveal the ways of living and dying – during approximately two millennia – in the westernmost municipality of the Roman Empire.

"Best Historical Film"

Directed by: Raul Losada
The Visitation
Jarmo Salo’s debut direction Visitation is based on her wife Kyllikki Salo’s songs. They started filming Visitation 2015 a year after they met first in a dating sites in the internet. Jarmo had a mark in culture and Kyllikki noticed him because of that mark.

After her layoff and divorce Maija (Tuulia Eskola) comes back to childhood home. Her old father Usko (Esko Salonen) needs help. He has cancer and dies soon.

Maija’s old friend Pirkko (Anita Karjalainen) asks lonely Maija to Pirkko’s bar. Pirkko’s bar is full of old friends for example alcoholic Janne. Layoffs had hit to this village also. Maija begins to look for love she needs. Somehow Maija’s men look for something else.

After heartaches and tears Maija desides to face her childhood shadows. This actual scene ”Visitation” is directly based on Kyllikki Salo’s handbag recording. Kyllikki recorded secretly this discussion with her pedophile 33 years later after childhood traumatic happenings. After this discussion Maija’s problems start to vanish gradually.

"Best Independent Film"
"Best Young Actress" - Emilia Eerola

Directed by: Jarmo Juhani Salo
The scent of the wormwood
Three teenagers who live in a remote village nestled among the mountains spend their days playing merry games. Each of the teenagers in these games forgets about the problems in their families. But adult reality slowly creeps up on each of them. A reality where dads fight each other for a place in the sun or just get drunk. And mothers in the pursuit of happiness sometimes forget about the little ten-year-old happiness left at home. And children who do not know how to pray, like birds, pray for the happiness of their mother, and the love of their parents.

"Best Young Actor" - Dastan Aibek

Directed by: Aibek Daiyrbekov
A young, psych ward gadfly-poet sets on a mission to stop her doctor who tests women with a date-rape drug.

"Best Poster"

Created by: Brian Spellman
Emerging from the Shadows
Takeda was forced to leave Asia after a tragic incident. He travelled but stayed close to the woods in order to remember his heart, but also to live a new life in Europe and tries to forget his past. After three years this peace is suddenly disturbed. While he goes running in the woods, Muto, an Italian gangster discovers suddenly an Asian man in the woods. Maybe this could be the killer his boss, Martello is looking for since many years. Karyudo, a powerful hunter who is also an excellent martial artist, was sent by his corrupt police chief to help the Italian gangster boss. He wants to know where Muto found this Asian man. They have a small issue to arrange and at the woods, Karyudo's sensitive instinct tells him his prey is there. Karyudo, who has a great sense of honour and justice, doesn't know the exact details of this hunting, but with the help of Muto, he will track this Asian man in the Italian woods. Doubt will grow in his mind. Martello's hate during these three years will finally find a reason to be. They will hunt this Asian man down and make him pay, no matter what. Takeda has no other choice than to rise from the shadows, confront his past and fight for his life.

"Best Opening Credits"

Directed by: Mark Stas