Darwin's Fox
Driven by the urge to prove the existence of an extinct creature, a father and his son head off into the wilderness. But soon the search becomes much more personal, when the son suddenly vanishes without a trace.

"Best Short Film"
"Best Director"

Directed by: Ben Scharf
The Home
A humble family with three children live in the forest. One day they pass by a house they believe to be empty and occupy it, spending the best seven days of their lives there.

"Best Feature Film"
"Best Cinematography"

My Hidden City
Ei Shun, a young woman descended from a long line of Mrauk U’s archaeologists and historians, guides us through the spectacular ancient city of Mrauk U, Myanmar, revealing facets of lost history and daily life. Accompanying Ei Shun is original music blending piano with Rakhine flute, Rakhine drums, and the conch shell.

"Best Short Documentary"

Directed by: Barry Pousman, Wunna Kyaw
Letters to Eloisa
Through the letters to his sister (1961-1976) Eloisa living in exile, legendary Cuban writer José Lezama Lima, author "Paradiso" a novel of the Latin American Boom, reveals his complex and ultimate tragic relationship to the Cuban revolutionary state.

"Best Feature Documentary"

Directed by: Adriana Bosch
Seven Ridges
In a desert by the sea, an ancient culture endures modernity. A grandmother and her granddaughter intertwine in estrangement over memory. The myth sheds controversy; time falls in dreams of sand, old songs and rock music.
First full-length feature drama to be ever produced in Cmiique Iitom (Seri language)

"Best Experimental Film"

Directed by: Antonio Coello
A mysterious protagonist is on a quest worth spending 150 years playing chess to unlock a mistery in Sarajevo, now called Neosarayevo, under the control of a sinister Cyberdyne-esque corporation - Sodyn.

"Best Animation"

Directed by: Adis Kutkut
How the West Wasn't Won Smells Worse then Skunk
In the old west Bob banks returns to collect the items he lost, but misfortune hits him every step of the way.

"Best Actor" - James Winterbottom
"Best Producer"
"Best Comedy"
"Best Editing"
"Best Opening Credits"

Directed by: Dean Martin Edwardson
Somebody's Baby
A homeless woman who, driven by grief, snatches a baby.

"Best Actress" - Laura Flynn

Directed by: Mervyn McCracken
Un Autre Jour
One morning, Anatole visits his grandmother for their usual lunch and in a fit of fantasy, he decides to exfiltrate her from her Parisian flat with his grandfather's old convertible. The two of them escape in search of a moment of complicity, fleeing, perhaps in vain, the ineluctability of time going by.

"Best Director Debut"

Directed by: Louis VIGNES
A film I have written and co-directed in celebration of the 450th year of founding of Oton, a first class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Founded in 1572, Oton is considered the oldest town in Panay Island.
It is a rich colourful film showcasing the history of Oton thru music, dance, Arts and theatre performance. ...from the death of Datu Paiburong and the golden mask, pagan beliefs and rituals, the Advent of Christianity and Babaylans resistance, various folkdances to modern dance. Katagman the movie has everything for you to enjoy!

"Best Costume Design"

Directed by: Ramon Castillanes Tenoso, Peter D Deocos
Ray's Second Act
Ray and Ronnie are a gay couple that have been together for 25 years. Ray comes home to find that Ronnie has decided to leave him for a bigger calling. Leaving Ray confused and questioning his second act of life.
Ray's Second Act was created and filmed on a Panasonic G85 and a I Phone 11. I created and wrote a full script but left room for improvisation and spontaneity. This was shot just coming out of COVID lockdown. I am so grateful for Alyssa, Kristen, and Adam for their love and dedication to the project.

"Best LGBTQ+ Film"

Directed by: Robert Toms
The Prototype
Garrett Brown wakes up to a destroyed world 300 years into the future. His memory is slowly coming back thanks to drinking a blue liquid provided by human clones that survived the nuclear holocaust. Garrett remembers being part of a United States government agency and leading an investigation, in which terrorist aliens, led by Reverend Jeremiah C. Hope, plan to take over the planet. Garrett dies protecting us but is buried and hidden by the agency to later resurrect in the future. He and the clones who saved him must now come together to overthrow Piak, the alien conqueror, and take back Earth. Garrett fulfills his destiny and becomes The Prototype - the only hope for mankind

"Best Sci-Fi"

Directed by: Marcelo Grion
Anna was sent away at the age of ten by her father, after her mother apparently left them. Now, twenty years later she is going back to the family farm after she learns her father has killed himself. She is hoping to find answers to why this happened, why she was sent away, and why her mother left, never to be heard of again. Getting close to what happened, strange things starts occurring in the house, and maybe the past is best left alone.

"Best Horror"

Directed by: Severin Eskeland
Silent Night
December 25th. A fire has broken out in Santa Claus' factory. Most of the elves have died and Santa is missing ...
A few hours earlier. During his tour, Santa enters a house where he finds a mysterious gift for him ...

"Best Thriller"

Directed by: Emmanuel Delabaere
Settle the Score
Roommates Sam and Jack play a risky game to settle a score.

"Best Dark Comedy"

Directed by: Jesse Womack
Salz Got Herpeez
Sal a young hip lady from a big city wakes up to find graffiti sprayed over the front of her house. Full of rage she goes looking for the person that did this.

"Best Absurd Comedy"
"Best Black & White Film"

Directed by: Ravin Vythelingum
Star Crossed
While mourning the loss of her family, a woman battling her inner demons wins the Mega Millions.

"Best Drama"
"Best Supporting Actress" - Sarah Grace Sanders
"Best Poster"

Directed by: Pat Bradley
Your skin is the galaxy
An enigmatic and poetic sci-fi musical adventure about a being from another galaxy who comes to earth in search of love.
A hypnotic experience somewhere between Z series, Manga comics, Superhero movies and Psychedelics.
A sensory journey that makes its way through 'Lynchian' roads, which cross mountains created between sheets that embrace the skin and soul of the protagonist who lies helpless, turns this short film into a whole new experience for the viewer.

"Best Music Video"

Directed by: Jose Domingo
What I'm Saying

"Best Original Song"

Composed by: Bear Kosik
Combat Zone
3 men wake up in an abandoned gym and they must fight to survive at all costs

"Best Action Film"

Directed by: Matt Routledge
Spell Card Night Hunters
The deadly game between monster and hunter has begun. Forced into a fight for survival, a group of friends, after starting an esoteric game, wake up in the eighteenth century hunted by a companion who has turned into a bloodthirsty beast. Time is running out and the game demands victory or death for the players.

"Best Fantasy Film"

Directed by: Antonio Mastroianni
A young woman tries inviting her affair partner to her home while a seemingly innocent prank by her girlfriend becomes sinister.

"Best Student Film"

Directed by: Emily James
Ballet... ballet
The ballet is a purely female thing. It is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.

"Best Mobile Film"

Directed by: Kostiantyn Mishchenko
Phoenix: David’s dream
After helping to fight the fire that destroyed the National Museum, in Brazil, a firefighter decides to look for wreckage to transform them into art. The musical instruments are made with the help of artists such as Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola and Hamilton de Holanda.

"Best Inspirational Film"

Directed by: Vinicius Donola, Roberta Salomone, João Rocha
A master poet loses her muse but tries to pass on her art and craft to a young talented poet.

"Best Original Score"

Directed by: Robert Fritz
Dimitris Skyllas: AFTERPOP
AFTERPOP was made to bring a fresh, personal perspective of what the real meaning of pop is. Following the creative life of the composer Dimitris Skyllas, the film functions as a contemporary statement of what it means to be an active, young composer in the 21st century, surrounded by constant influences of pop culture. Through a journey that begins on the bucolic cliffs of Greek mountain Pelion and meets its climax at the Barbican Centre's main stage, Skyllas represents a vivid proof that right here, right now, classical composers and other intellectual creatives are no different to popstars. They live among us; they eat, they laugh, the make love, they worry, they dance ecstatically at a party.

"Best Original Soundtrack"

Directed by: Dimitrios Zivopoulos

"Best Short Screenplay"

Written by: Yankee Zhou
The Liberator's Daughter
The daughter of a WW II military intelligence officer battles disabilities, sexual harassment, hate and antisemitism as she strives to heal herself and repair a broken world.

"Best Feature Screenplay"

Written by: Deborah Levine
Il Duello
A bounty hunter rides for days looking for a bandit.... He finds him reveling in a saloon and decides to challenge him in a different way
Un cacciatore di taglie cavalca per giorni alla ricerca di un bandito.... Lo trova a far baldoria in un saloon e decide di sfidarlo in un modo particolare

"Best Original Screenplay"

Written by: William Delli Quadri, Tonino Di Ciocco, Andrea Cacciavillani
The Dead Chip Syndicate
Offered the chance to run his twin brother's A.I. company, Anthony Wilson ditches his failing screenwriting career to start anew in Macau. The job turns highly lucrative when Anthony's new client, Cash Cheang, a pompadour-topped and Johnny Cash-loving casino operator, hands him a bag full of cold hard Yuan to implement a facial recognition system in his casino.
Hearing about Anthony's past life as a screenwriter, Cash offers him another job -- ghostwriting a biography about the casino mogul's life rising from the mean streets of Macau to becoming one of the city's most notorious and successful businessmen. Anthony accepts the job while also agreeing to help Cash sell his latest scheme, a cryptocoin aimed at raising funds for a floating casino in Macau.
As Anthony learns more about Cash's life, he realizes the biography is filled with dangerous secrets about the Chinese elite, secrets these powerful people would rather see buried for good. "You always cheat the ones closest to you," warns an ancient Chinese proverb. Words that ring true as Anthony enters a playground more surreal and depraved than decadent Hollywood. More deadly too as Anthony soon discovers he's the dupe in a huge Chinese money-laundering scheme that might be orchestrated by his treacherous twin.

"Best Adapted Screenplay"

Written by: Andrew W. Pearson
The Last Earth Station
Local legend has it that the lost ship is a harbinger of doom; ravaged planets and broken civilizations littering its wake. But the crew of the scout ship, Erebus, finds a thriving community, seemingly unaware of its reputation. For expedition leader, Sarah Kendrick, touring the station with mercurial commanding officer, Michael Decker, is a history lesson brought to life. Black Star, flagship for the abandoned Homestead Project, is fulfilling its purpose as a generational ship.
But not everyone is happy at the prospect of being taken 'home'. The Erebus' cultural anthropologist, Dr Phelps reports tension among the passengers; their fears fueled by the preaching of an activist opposed to warp tunnel technology.
As inconsistencies emerge, Sarah's curiosity and growing attraction to the commander, sparks a chain of events that leads to sabotage, suicide and the revelation of a soul-destroying bargain that Decker struck with an alien race to keep his passengers and crew alive. The return journey, a high-risk transit, demands further sacrifice but offers redemption to a man who has been tested to his limit.

"Best Unproduced Screenplay"

Written by: Kathryn Radmall