Legend has it that a magic spot in the mountains has healing powers. That's where Ben treats fatally ill people and that's where Sarah seeks revenge for her dead sister. A modern alpin saga of good faith.

"Best Short Film"

Directed by: Adrian Perez

Pierre & Jeanne
The Roland family lives in Etretat.
Jeanne, the youngest, inherits the fortune from Mr. Maréchal, a friend of the parents.
Pierre the elder brother gets bogged down in questions questioning the sacredness of the family.
Is this money hiding a heavy secret?

"Best Feature Film"
"Best Director"
"Best Actress"
"Best Adapted Screenplay"

Directed by: Clémentine Célarié

This is a true story and the people we see on screen are real.
This film tells the story of a young girl who faces many difficulties in pursuing her passion for motorbikes and simply having the right to use a two-wheeler in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a sensitive, intelligent and very moving film.

"Best Short Documentary"

Directed by: Amirali Mirderikvand

Armenia(s), Time for Artists
What inspires artists in their creations?
To what extent is the history of their origins represented in their work?
What is transmitted to their children?
This documentary aims to recount the creative power of artists of Armenian origin and to show the vitality of the transmission to their children, who have also become artists themselves.
A story of legacy through artistic creation, with the testimonies of great artists.

"Best Feature Documentary"


A Pencil inside the pencil factory gains consciousness and tries to find the exit to his freedom but as he roams about the factory and finds out the terrible truths of it's functioning he soon realizes that there's never been an exit.

"Best Animation"

Directed by: Artur Muharremi

Hinterland Zoo
For outsiders like Christina Lopez the gated community of The Hinterlands is a living nightmare. After a night of passion with a couple looking to walk on the wild side she's caught in a web of bloody murder. She finds the darkest underside of humanity in the smiling face of her host Samantha, a wealthy woman with a basement of dark secrets. As she struggles to save Raya, a young mother trapped in an abusive marriage, she finds that evil compromises everyone. All the monsters here are human, and no one escapes the zoo.

"Best Short Screenplay"

Written by: Comika Hartford

Logline: Rookie cops decide to investigate the shooting of a Brooklyn Hasidic man by a veteran cop -- they soon realize that they are out of their depth and that it has become a challenge to just stay alive.
Synopsis: CODE 10 is a series of emergency codes used by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and Emergency Workers to summon help.

The film centers on four freshly minted Police Academy graduates assigned to the 90th Precinct in Brooklyn -- a Precinct run by an authoritarian Captain with an aversion to rookies.

On a routine patrol, the partner of one of the rookies -- a veteran cop -- shoots a Hasidic man during a traffic stop in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As the Hasid lies dying on the street, the veteran points to a handgun lying on the ground , claiming that the Hasid tried to shoot him first.

The claim that a Hasid was carrying a gun and tried to shoot a police officer is outrageous; the public and media outcry for justice is immediate. A grand jury indicts the veteran cop on second degree murder charges.

The rookies know that there is strong evidence against the veteran cop, but they wonder why some important issues were glossed over by Internal Affairs. Driven by youthful idealism, naivety, and rebelliousness, the rookies decide to conduct their own unofficial investigation.
Along the way they start breaking laws, justifying it because of their search for the truth. And they realize too late that they’re in way over their heads -- that it has become a battle to just stay alive.

"Best Feature Screenplay"
"Best Thriller"
"Best Detective"

Written by: Matthew Margo

Syndicate: Rise of a Don
A mafia soldier's rise in the ranks.

"Best Original Screenplay"

Written by: Nathan Spinney

Au delà de l'hygiène

"Best Actor"

Directed by: Pierre Descamps

MARA, an introverted girl who lost her father, ERIK several years ago, doesn’t practice water dance anymore. Haunted by her anxieties, Mara is in constant conflict with her little sister Lisa, and her mother Sandra who is trying to rebuild her life. She will be confronted with her fear and have to take a life decision: continue to mope or try to move on.

"Best Young Director"
"Best Director Of Photography"
"Best Inspirational Film"
"Best Young Actress"

Directed by: Nicolas Seguel

Two families on neighboring farms on the border between Brazil and Uruguay. Decades drive these people away. The physical proximity is separated by a fence and the set of prejudices, inexplicable hatred and lack of generosity. In the end of the year, between Christmas and New Year, the families gather on their respective farms. What nobody knows is that a love between two young people is about to break this barrier that is much bigger than the fence that divides the fields. The passion between Rodrigo and Juliana could be the point of recovery for a relationship marked by so many years of hatred, but, like Shakespeare's original story, the human being is much more complex and inexplicable. Whether in Verona, Italy, or on a border farm. Tragedy lives inside people and is sometimes impossible to control...

"Best Director Debut"

Directed by: Ane Siderman

If I Could Ride
The story is about two teenage girls with totally different backgrounds. Jodie Davis was born with a physical disability. She lives with her mother and grandfather on a dilapidated old farm. After the recent passing of her dad, Jodie`s mom Sandy works two jobs to make ends meet. Jodie`s first love is to someday ride horses and eventually compete in horse shows. But physical disabilities and financial problems make this vision quite impossible.
Bridgett Van Heusen lives a complete opposite life. She resides on a beautiful farm and has a championship horse, as well as a talented horse trainer named Jimmy. She is very spoiled and wants for nothing. Both of her parents are involved in everything but their daughters love. Bridgett is an extremely talented rider.
Witness how fate brings together these two distinctly different young girls. See the magnificence of unconditional love that transcends physical and emotional trials throughout the film. A roller coaster of emotions will consume the viewer. A family film with many of life`s lessons that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

"Best Cinematography"

Directed by: Shawn Welling

Tonight Odile receives her brother and sister-in-law who are going to participate in a game show without their knowledge. Filmed by three hidden cameras, Odile will have two minutes to make them say an imposed sentence and win 200 000 euros.

"Best Producer"
"Best Supporting Actor"
"Best Editing"

Directed by: Anne Barbier

Meher, Anwar and Arhab, a bereft and broken family, must face the circumstances around the death of Jibran (Jibi), their son and brother.

"Best Color Editing"

Directed by: Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin

In the 1930's, a woman on the telephone answers questions from an American journalist. Suzanne Noël, a renowned plastic surgeon, recalls her beginnings working with shattered faces during the First World War. She tells of the reparative work she performed, surrounded by other women, in the suspended space and time that is war.

"Best Scenography"
"Best War Film"
"Best Historical Film"

Directed by: Longuet Marine

Naked, Hurt & Pissed off
Anna is a young woman that loves to party and don't want any deeper connections. She's a player. Suddenly she finds her self pregnant and in love with a man. She don't know how to handle this new situation. It doesn't help that the world is a place where heterosexuality is seen as dirty and wrong.

"Best LGBTQ+ Film"

Directed by: Magnus G Bergström, Josephine Bengtsberg

The traumas from the past returns when Antti finds out that Lauri, who bullied Antti in school, starts as his new boss. Will Antti be able to confront Lauri as the bullying begins once again? The superhero short Ghost praises the inner child in us and seeks to notice all the victims of bullying. And in the end, you don't necessary need to wear a cape nor a mask to be a superhero.

"Best Sci-Fi"

Directed by: Artur Sallinen

After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.

"Best Horror"

Directed by: Shivaan Makker

GOLF - Tee Shot
Rocko & Dickie go ducking and diving like a couple of wannabe entrepreneurs. Everybody is on a drive to become Captain of the Golf Club. But, has Rocko got the balls for it?

"Best Dark Comedy"

Directed by: Zeff Lawless

Six friends in their thirties leave women and children for a week to relive their first holidays. They will realize that they are not as young as they thought they were or fully mature to claim the rank of adult...

"Best Comedy"

Directed by: Vincent Orst

Under Tension
Carole and Paul live with their three children in a magnificent Parisian apartment. Over the years, Carole discovers a husband who has become possessive, jealous and paranoid. Keeping the family under the yoke and authority of the father is more and more difficult and dangerous for the balance of the family.

"Best Drama"

Directed by: Mireille Fiévet

tell me
"Best Music Video"

Directed by: Ivan Savino

Island is a silent piece that depicts the life in an Island. Using island as a place and a metaphor for life, I interpret my own life in a dance piece. Inspired by all the islands I have lived in my life- London, Manhattan, and Jeju Island, I use dance as means of communication and hope. Under the pandemic I felt the urge to create a piece that relates to the repeated daily life cycle but at the same time, Island as a cross concept of reality and fantasy/paradise.
Set between the islands in three different countries, I compose the story of my journey to rediscover who I really am. In this deep and affecting journey of self-discovery, touching on issues of loneliness, isolation, and the perseverance of the human spirit.
Island can be referred as a place of life and a journey, in which I have paradoxical feelings between relief and discomfort from being trapped between fantasy and reality in life. The dancer in this video looks for something constantly as if she will never find that tangible hope empowered by nature.
Aesthetics of colour in the film relates to attitude towards an island. Colour of the costume- black and white dresses, emphasizing emotional instability that follows emotional engagement of the characters. Postures and movement with the sword depicts the character’s phycological state caused by the repressed and unconscious inner conflict ,in a living in an island.
Through this film, I add my own voice to the dance and to all the people who are afraid to forget who they are, and where they come from while reflecting on what they may have lost along the way.

"Best Dance Video"
"Best No-Dialogue Film"
"Best Experimental Film"

Directed by: Elly Cho

Leisure Machine
A Retro futuristic vision of the isolation caused by a society which values the artificial over the real. Inspired by themes raised in Hans Christian Anderson’s morality tale ‘The Emperor and the Nightingale’ & Phillip K. Dicks dystopian novel “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep”.
Music Recordings, Photos & Film Footage were captured in 2015 then held in a time capsule as part of an ongoing collaborative multimedia project Clare St Clare’s TIME MACHINE.
The Leisure Machine Film Clip directed & filmed by Jim Batt film release date is 2021.

"Best Original Song"

Directed by: Jim Batt

Waiting On Love
When a waiter discovers a man is proposing to his gal, he tries to help him out by magically producing the ring; disaster quickly ensues

"Best Black & White Film"

Directed by: Clare Mullen
Plot summary/synopsis: In 1968 on the heels of the historic Tuskegee Syphilis Study, two white doctors, Bryce and Feldman launched a secret experiment to find a cure for white mental illness. However, tired of using rats as test subjects they decided to use Negro men instead. The premise was to see if negro's (who's brains were thought to be smaller than whites) had the same mental illness trait of whites. In order to find out they needed to perform labotomies on their subjects. The story is told from the point of view of Malcolm Wyatt, who's family had first hand knowledge of what was going on at Ole B.R.Y.C.E, as his brother Martin was one of the casualties of this shocking human experiment. It's not known whether or not this experiment was ordered by the federal government like the Tuskegee Experiment, or if the doctors took matters into their own hands. Whatever the case, the lives of Malcolm Wyatt and scores of other negros were forever changed.

"Best BLM Film"

Directed by: Eric Ramsey
The Locker Room
Sabrina is the coach of the soccer men's team at Aubervilliers, Seine Saint-Denis, France. The club plays a decisive game and its star striker is not in good shape. Worse, the police burst into the middle of the match to arrest him. Sabrina ‘s nerves will be put to high stress-test.

"Best Sport Film"

Directed by: Noah Gaoua
One Day We Will Dance With You
One Day We Will Dance with You tells the story of two women creating a dance to celebrate water. They imagine dance moves, and argue about science and whether a celebration can still be sad. As the community around them comes together to dance, they begin to imagine a future where the Water Molecule Dance and the celebration of water becomes a part of all our lives.

"Best ECO Film"

Directed by: Alkis Papastathopoulos
Germany is in the first lockdown winter. Clubs and theaters are closed. Social and cultural life has dropped below the freezing point.
Warming up for better times, an independent theater group goes on with rehearsals despite strict restrictions.
Turning for solace to Goethe’s “Faust” all those involved are bringing their anger, fears and worries on the stage.

"Best Covid-19 Film"

Directed by: Nicole Felden
House of the Unholy
A blood thirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders for the immortal elixir inside his heart that will grant her the power to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity!

"Best Fantasy Film"

Directed by: Daniel Merlot
At the Chrystal Hotel, Kenneth tries his best to present the finest qualities of serving in Elms Lounge. But unfortunately, with his manager Vicki going off the rails, what was supposed to be a standard opening shift, leads to chaos for the servers when the bar's little secret is exposed.

"Best Web Series"

Directed by: Sarah Tither-Kaplan
Pink Rose Ballet
The dance of the pink rose... what could be more beautiful... Especially if it's ballet.

"Best Mobile Film"

Directed by: Kostiantyn Mishchenko
In 1973, a wonder kid meets the prettiest star. Both have magic.

"Best Student Film"

Directed by: Kathleen Harty
GBG Crane Memory
A 8 min VR-film about the Gothenburg Shipyard history dramatized in 3D. The crane operator Kerstin take us down memory lane at Lindholmen's shipyard shadows, when we slip and her whole life passes before our eyes.
Based on a true story, from Gothenburg's shipyard era, when everything fell into place...

"Best 360º"

Directed by: Jonas Myrstrand
A Difference
Based on my experiences, A Difference centres on the adult McAlmont family’s struggle to come to terms with the complex legacy of having fostering troubled kids, while dealing with their lives and loves in the thriving modern city of Belfast.

"Best Television Script"

Written by: Ewen Glass
Moroccan Art
Those images represent the cultural places and well-known spots in Morocco, each image has its own power visually and compositely with a simple phone to define the idea of making good quality needs a camera, and this shows that's wrong in fact you need the talent and the passion.

"Best Photography"

Photo by: Salah Eddine Saadouni
A man vacations to a remote mountain cabin but work keeps hounding him. Encouraged by a mysterious portrait in the cabin he eventually loses himself in the bliss of the outdoors, and finally escapes work... forever.

"Best Original Score"

Directed by: Alaric Stremmel Rocha
poems of now deceased irish poet Macdara Woods, mixed up with the original music of italian collective Militia and with images created by over 30 artists from all over the world under the direction of Visual artist Massimo Rossi, create a unique blend that describes "sounds of 21st century poetry".

"Best Original Soundtrack"

Directed by: Massimo Rossi
Two detectives, and long time partners interrogate a hostage. As the interview drags on, something about the prisoner appears to be “off”.

"Best Sound Design"

Directed by: Mercenary
An Ever After Drama
An Aspiring Hollywood star is swept away in a fairytale day with the worlds youngest French billionaire as she begin to get a taste of his world and ponder the possibility for something more.

"Best Romance"

Directed by: Michelle Lynn
Fetish is a short film that maps broadcast screen light rhythms to the beat and lyrical punctuation of the song Jackie Onassis. The projected screen broadcast line rhythm syncs onto Gucci's Jackie Onassis luxury handbag. The film contemplates the nature of trama, projection of self, and the authentic versus the real as persona associated with objects. What is real in this situation, from the story of a woman to the talisman of luxury is deconstructed in the pattern of the media projection. This short approaches the object in a manner similar to Andy Warhol's screen tests and integrates a homage to Nam June Paik, Marcel Duchamp, surrealism, and post-modernism.

"Best Symbolic Film"

Directed by: Catherine Mouttet
This short film CHOICES shows the emotional entanglement among the three about "choice" by simulating the interactive short film style of the first-person perspective. And it also reveals the process of the awakening of freya's female consciousness.
Freya and her two ex-boyfriends Simon and Calvin live in the same apartment by fate, the apartment means the "choice dilemma". At the end, Freya rejects Calvin and leaves the apartment with Simon to get rid of the "choice dilemma".
The selection button in the first-person perspective appears in the short film, which represents "individual choices", while online hot discussion and cyber violence represent "outside opinion". It shows a blurred boundary between reality and virtuality, which represents "individual choice" and "outside opinion" are unable to identify.
Freya goes from admiring vanity and resisting Simon, to accepting Simon and rejecting Calvin. At the end, she decides to face the predicament with Simon, realizing the sublimation of the character.
Simon goes from lack of self-confidence to becoming brave. In order to protect Freya and fights with Calvin, and he calls his friend Beck initiatively to accept the job offer, and finally left the apartment with Freya to face the difficulties of life together. He becomes brave and worthy.
Calvin loves Freya deeply, and his character is cowardly and soft-hearted. He prays for Freya to reunite many times. He gets angry and scuffled with Simon because of Freya, and because he is attacked by cyber violence, he finally picks up the gun and has been totally darkenized, realizing another kind of Character ascension.
At the end of the short film, director uses the playback method, and the content of the film returns to the place where Freya sits on the bench and waits to choose. It turns out that all this is imagined by Freya herself. After a powerful and unconstrained style of imagination, Freya finally choose herself, and the female awareness begins to awaken.

"Best Independent Film"

Directed by: Shuchen zeng
Dissociating Vulnerability
The main character "Shinya" lost her mother in a traffic accident. A woman appears in front of Shinya. The woman can only be seen by Shinya. Fairy? Ghost? Shinya must know.

"Best Supporting Actress"

Directed by: Nobuo Nakagawa
Musician and painter, Randall Vemer, has once again expanded his talent pool; this time into filmmaking.
In a nearly 12-minute biographical documentary, Vemer reveals what happened when his ability to play his beloved viola was taken away.
The film is filled with striking portraits of the people and instruments by which he's been surrounded for much of his life. And always the educator, the hauntingly lovely music is scored and timed, not only to enhance the viewer's enjoyment of Vemer's classical style images but also to point out which instrument is highlighted within the rich and ethereal paintings.
Randall Vemer's musical bio-doc is a moving tribute to the creativity, discipline, and heart of this incredibly talented man.
If you need a pick-me-up, a gentle nudge in "the feels", or just a good old-fashioned American success story, you MUST watch this film.

"Best Composer"

Directed by: Kevin Hanzlik