Gnothi Seauton
In the heart of the mountains, a mysterious man is being relentlessly chased down by a hunter. The words "Gnothi Seauton" are tattooed on his left arm...

"Best Short Film"

Directed by: Elodie Lorquet
A Zebra-Riding Boy
A Zebra-Riding Boy is an exploration of the combination of literature and commerce. Also it is the first film of the impressionism-southern author films, based on Su Tong's novels Cavalryman and Paper.
Poor bowlegged teenager Zuo Lin has a little dream to ride a horse in the most prosperous place of the city: the sad wooden horse cavalry, the happy zebra cavalry, the bleak and sad iron cavalry, the brilliant paper cavalry all melt into one.

"Best Feature Film"

Directed by: Fan Xiaotian, Chen Juzhi
Proof of Concept
Up against the toughest route he'd ever attempted, Sean Bailey pushes himself to new limits and completes the third ascent of Bibliographie, 5.15c. This film dives into Sean's career as a pro climber, and how he uses both success and failure to fuel his climbing and push himself to new limits.

"Best Short Documentary"

Directed by: Ben Neilson
The Remandee
William has been remanded for 2 years in Lusaka Central Prison, awaiting conviction in a case in which he is charged with car theft and murder. After losing touch with his wife and daughter six months ago, he is now deeply concerned about his daughter’s safety. Prison counselor Hastings arranges a meeting between William and his wife Mutinta. She has secretly remarried, but William is convinced that true love never fades away and tries to win her back.

Given his undecided fate in prison and the uncertainty of his future William is eventually forced to make a tough decision: choosing between a tempting secret affair with his ex-wife that sets her new marriage and the daughter's wellbeing at risk or the safety of their child.

"Best Feature Documentary"

Directed by: Alexander Lind, Jakob Jakobsen
Precious Balance Walk
6 Nordic Performance Artists invited to perform in, and with water. Filmed in the waters of Öresund, at Ribergsborg city beach, Malmö, Sweden. "We are all water in the same Ocean" Yoko Ono

"Best Experimental Film"

Directed by: Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen
Every world and every organism has its own individual journey, which is told in its own way. Thus, life is also a journey that begins with something fragile and ends with something fragile, with which the circle of life closes and begins again. Abstract impressions and fluid changes shape this journey and pave the foundation for all life in this world, real or fictional.

"Best Animation"

Directed by: Julian Frener, Philip Laa
Each day Clara starts the day with good intentions and a positive outlook. Working for herself with Nick her only employee ‘Pawfect Pet Portraits’ costumed pet photography was not what she thought she would do with her degree. The Guinea Pigs that are constantly eating the little western hats are not in line with the photoshoots in Italy she imagined. Parking her shabby little car in the car park at tired shopping malls is a humbling experience as is filling a shopping trolley with pet props each day.
Empty nester, Clara is restless, creative, highly sexed, and conflicted.
Beneath her wholesome veneer grinds the competing appetites of all things human.
She worries that she might have nymphomaniac tendencies and fantasies wildly about tipping into complete sexual abandon. Her imagination is vivid and intense – in her head there is no one she wouldn't fuck, yet in reality, she is terrified clinging to the belief that all her desires are to be met with a balanced diet, mindfulness, and exercise.
Frustrated by her own self-imposed judgment and lack of connection she tries to addle herself with yoga, wine, pasta, masturbation, and fantasy to get through each day. She falls into self-defeating drinking night after night trying to dull her appetites.
She wakes each morning and she has to face or find out what she did the night before. What did I dreat (drunk eat)? Did accidentally I sext my son again? How much wine did I drink? She checks the bin and fridge counts the bottles and resigns last night to be the last time. She starts her day again resigned to making this one a better one than the last.

"Best Short Screenplay"

Written by: Lisa Michelle Defazio
Love in Italy
Denise and her college friends make a summer trip to Italy. They have no idea that the Italy trip will change everything, and the effects of those changes will last the rest of their lives.

"Best Feature Screenplay"
"Best Original Screenplay"

Written by: Sena Tunali
Drops of Sunlight
Miranda (May) Carlson’s life has fallen apart. In an attempt to piece together its shattered remnants, she is spending her summer in the place she vowed she would never return: the Colorado Rocky Mountains. After her parents ended her idyllic childhood by announcing their divorce when she was fourteen, May abandoned the Rockies and her best friend along with it. Now, at age twenty, she is face-to-face with the place and person she left behind.
Dylan’s childhood in the Rockies was near perfection. Other than the heartbreak he suffered at the hands of his best friend who disappeared after their first kiss, he wouldn’t trade a moment of it. It is almost seven years later when the one responsible for his heartbreak returns, reopening old wounds.
As May and Dylan attempt to navigate their summer reunion, the pain and resentment of their past boils over, forcing them to confront not only each other, but themselves.

"Best Adapted Screenplay"

Written by: Kristy Lee
Emily or Oscar?
As a love letter to old Hollywood, Emily or Oscar is a 'Hollywood golden era' throwback romantic comedy. With silent film references and Hollywood studio life, everyone is sure to get a laugh as they take a ride through screenwriter, Sam Feldman's wild imagination. But what happens when a Hollywood director makes him choose between the Academy Award, and the woman of his dreams?

"Best Actor" - Christopher M. Allport

Directed by: Chris M. Allport
Once upon a time in the Canaries
Nola, a girl of Senegalese origin, arrives in the Canary Islands in a canoe. Then begins an epic through the most defining corners of the Canary Islands in search of a Canarian father whom he never knew.

"Best Director"
"Best Producer"
"Best Actress" - Diarra Diouf
"Best Cinematography"

Directed by: Armando Ravelo
Auguri is a magical realistic short film about Luciano, an Italian immigrant in Miami who discovers a magic lamp. Luciano has three wishes to change his fate but instead faces the consequences of his reckless desires.

"Best Young Director"

Directed by: Nico Chimi
The Thursday Night Club
The Thursday Night Club is about five college friends who meet an inspirational man who will change their lives forever. Each character learns that they will see signs from God that will guide them to give back to others and to live a charitable life. Based on the popular audio drama series and novella by Steven Manchester.

"Best Director Debut"

Directed by: Valerie Smaldone
Psyche Obscura
A young woman, captive in a delusional state of mind, is drawn into the depths of a psychotic abyss.

"Best VFX"

Directed by: Craig Oty
Evening Ritual
‘Evening Ritual’ depicts the love relationship between two elderly men and the distance they must cope with after one has moved to a nursing home.

"Best LGBTQ+ Film"

Directed by: Nanna Hauge Kristensen, Ruth Storm
The future: a totalitarian regime imposes on the world's population "Nectar", an experimental serum whose administration Yul Franken will escape, since the alternative is to be isolated in colonies on the Moon. But his journey beyond the forbidden borders will not be without its unknowns.

"Best Sci-Fi"

Directed by: Luigi Bonizzato
Dirty Laundry
After an infuriating argument with his soon-to-be baby mama, a young screenwriter sets off to the apartment laundry room for some boozy respite only to meet the alluring cowgirl from his dream. Or was it a nightmare?

"Best Horror"

Directed by: Westley Cornwell
Elena wakes up in a mental hospital room with no memory of anything. She si told trata she suffers from amnesia and paranoid schizophrenia.

However, nothing is what it seems, and Elena will have to find a way to escape from there while fighting to keep her sanity and not confuse hallucinations with reality.

"Best Thriller"

Directed by: Alfredo Contreras, Fede Alonso
Il Santuario is a retreat centre nestled in the Tuscan hills. Run and staffed by a group of misfits, it hosts groups seeking spiritual growth, weight-loss, detox and escape from reality. Its six hundred year old walls bear witness to the entire emotional spectrum from desire to insanity that comes with the territory of spiritual seeking. The season opens with the arrival of Malcolm Schwartzman – and his group of spiritual seekers, the morning after Val and his mates have thrown a rather fabulously apocalyptic party…This is a critical week in the lives of Team Il Santuario as they face losing their home unless the group goes well and Malcolm pays up. But things don’t go well – most of the guests are very dysfunctional and demanding and there is a bona fide psychopath in the mix. Add to the pot, an old friend of Val’s arriving with a promise of investment and some potent designer drugs, and Il Santuario is about to witness a week to remember…

"Best Comedy"

Directed by: Terence Gross
Pearl Kim and Doretha Watkins, in the twilight of their lives, meet in an assisted living facility. Placed there unwillingly by their ungrateful children, they devise a plan to leave and live on their own. Pearl, a widow by her own hands, ropes Doretha into a lucrative yet illegal scheme. The plan, to find homeless men, insure them and ultimately kill them. Everything was going swimmingly, until they lured in the wrong target.

"Best Dark Comedy"

Directed by: Rosa Nichols
Cuckoo's Den

This is the story of money, power, lust and love, pain, sorrow and regret. Shown in the most unusual and refreshingly creative way. The seven deadly sins is Alexander Voronin, the head of a transnational crime family operating within the hidden underworld of Sydney. Karma is ready to seek revenge on the man who has it all........

"Best Drama"

Directed by: Michael Acland
That's what I'm gonna do
Music Video of the first single of Dr Savage (filmed in Geneva and Manchester)

"Best Music Video"

Directed by: Michaël Theus, Nicolaï TCHETCHELACHVILI
Bühne frei! Right here, right now
The show that changes an entire city.

A young dancer returns after a hard stroke of fate to his sleepy hometown, rescues the town hall and brings art back to the hearts of the residents.

"Best Dance Video"
"Best Original Soundtrack"

Directed by: Fabian Zimmermann
In a Tamasic World
A dreamlike symbolic journey into the modern world. Anima – the human soul – is threatened by dark forces, who besiege her as hooded strangers. Hyperion – the mad sage, and Clotho – the Moira seamstress of fate who spins the thread of human life, measure up against infinity and fate. Maya – queen of fire and illusion, evokes the lifeforces needed to sustain Anima in the confrontation that awaits her. On the chessboard of good and evil, where the struggle is being fought with tamasic forces, Anima appears to capitulate – but the immortal current of life will prove stronger than everything else.

"Best Original Song"

Directed by: Camilla Martini
Descension Part II
Five months after after the events from Descension, Liam still being haunted by nightmares in his time of combat, tries to get his life back together when old enemies resurfaces hell bent on destroying everything he loves .

"Best Action Film"

Directed by: Adrian Campbell
The Village of Lovers
In the Oak-dotted countryside of Southern Portugal lies Tamera Healing Biotope, one of Earth’s most radical social experiments in human futurism.

Tamera began in the “free love” utopian movements of the 1960s’ and 70’s, and however soon realized that the necessary social change had to run deeper then reactions to the dominant system. Tamera realized that at the core, regenerating trust - especially in the most intimate areas of human life - was the missing key to long-standing cultural and political change.

Now, over 40 years later, in an era of rampant climate chaos, post- global pandemic, and mounting political unrest - where humanity’s survival into the 22nd century becomes increasingly uncertain - Tamera may provide a regenerative model for a post-capitalist society, rooted in reconnection to life.

"Best Erotic Film"

Directed by: Ian Mackenzie, John Wolfstone
The Long Hollywood Night
A lounge singer and a screenwriter attempt to solve a murder and uncover a kidnapping over the course of a night in Hollywood in 1962.

"Best Black & White Film"

Directed by: Joss Refauvelet
I Am Light
‘I am Light’ is a cinematic, short, narrative driven vignette video, highlighting the pains and joys of life as a young black woman in the UK. The film was inspired by an essay Belinda Fenty wrote in response to the George Floyd murder. It’s about her experiences growing up as a black child and now as a woman in London. #blm #blacklivesmatter

"Best BLM Film"

Directed by: Julia Schönstädt
Blue Scallywags
Why does someone become a football fan? Is it about excitement, passion, being in a group, or a club's unique history? What drives football fanatics? Cezary Grzesiuk spent a decade filming the lives of supporters of the Ruch Chorzów club. These many years of work allowed him to photograph the close-knit community of football fanatics. Not from the side-lines, not from behind a wall of police officers, but from the very heart of the ultras sector. This enabled him to show the brighter and darker side of the world of football fans in Poland and elsewhere. Themes in the film include the friendship between fans of Atletico Madrid and Ruch Chorzów and the hooligan code passed on from father to son. Penetrating different supporter groups, the director lets fans and fanatics speak, in an effort to find out who modern-day football supporters really are.

"Best Sport Film"

Directed by: Cezary Grzesiuk
Lucy Palustris: The Dinner Party
“I love him who works and invents to build a house for the Overhuman and prepare for it earth and animal and plant." "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" Friedrich Nietzsche

The film creeps into issues of the Anthropocene while moving deeper into the psychological landscape of Lucy Palustris, the artist’s alter-ego. A solitary woman in the wetlands of southern Ontario, Lucy is a manifestation of our human psyche and our animal selves. Her role is ambiguous: Is she an agency of care, a psychologically (de)-stabilizing force or an intrusive presence? Illogical associations convey the strangeness and intensity of a dream. Disjuncture and incongruity colour the protagonist’s actions and costume within her surroundings, revealing the beauty and brutality of a degraded landscape and our transient existence within it. The film attempts to uncover something about who we are and how we have come to a tipping point of crisis. Fecundity, violence and death interweave. A call for restitution plays out like a Sisyphean gesture where tenacity and futility reign.

A subplot speaks to notions of gender, race and class. Costume performance plays to the stereotype of the middle-class white woman, while simultaneously subverting it. Trying to make sense of Hollywood film stereotypes embodied by her mother’s generation, the character both subverts and holds to ‘norms’ of a seemingly bygone era, lingering in her consciousness and, more generally, remaining pervasive today.

"Best ECO Work"

Directed by: Patricia Coates
Death and the Kid
A small town grim reaper has his afterlife turned upside down when he meets a young girl who can bring the dead back to life.

"Best No-Dialogue Film"

Directed by: Kristen Swinkels
Pain of Silence
Our world has lost too many traditional art forms. “Pain of Silence” thoughtfully captures the struggles of five traditional Thai artists whose existence has been further threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Director Christopher Janwong McKiggan, a Thai-English filmmaker and classical pianist, and co-director Poomphong Kumwong, a Thai traditional musician and filmmaker, explore the world of Thai traditional arts in a series of captivating interviews. They uncover the harsh realities faced by the practitioners, their resilience in the face of adversity, and the uncertain future that threatens to engulf these traditional and revered art forms.
“Pain of Silence” examines the work of ' Hun Lakhon Lek Sippathum Kumnai' (Thai Traditional Puppets), ethnic group 'Thai Song Dam', 'Mae Phe Tai Hun Lakhon Khon' (Thai human puppet group), the leather art Grand Shadow play 'Nung Yai' (Thai leather craft), and the award-winning blind 'Phin' (traditional Thai lute) player Boonma Khaowong. This important documentary illuminates the importance of these traditional art forms and inspires renewed support for these artists and their craft. Through powerful storytelling, "Pain of Silence" inspires audiences with a deeper understanding of the significance of these art forms and the need to preserve them for future generations.

"Best Covid-19 Film"

Directed by: Christopher Janwong McKiggan, Poomphong Kumwong
The Fate of Cysalion
The Fate of Cysalion is a three-hour live-action musical that blurs the line between film and theatre. It is the centrepiece of a fantasy saga that tells an epochal story of heroes, villains and ancient powers. The story takes place in a distant place called Cysalion. In 1898, the boy Tayen Knightway is sent on a risky mission by the last living Vartori and ponders seminal events that took place some two hundred years earlier. An epic adventure unfolds before the viewer's eyes as two young girls embark on a breathtaking journey amidst kingdoms and empires.

"Best Fantasy Film"

Directed by: Marc Blasweiler
Fix It in Post
A group of college filmmakers are trying to compete a classmate's short...with little luck...

"Best Web Series"

Directed by: Bret Jones
It’s 1990 in Eltingville, Staten Island, which has recently become an epicenter for the minor league of organized crime and misguided youth. Young Brandon Russo and his loyal group of lifelong friends just robbed an ATM machine. The heist went surprisingly well, with Brandon at the helm of the operation. When he goes to pay his cut to the career criminals that are mentoring him down this dead-end road, they wind up taking the whole pie. In the following scene Brandon goes to see Paul Daley, his street boss, who informs Brandon that he will need to kick up forty percent on the ATM job, double the usual fee. What does it matter at this point, they have the whole thing anyway, but Brandon thinks they’ll get their cut back, so this infuriates him. He speaks back to Paul, which is not a good idea, and he gets a stern reprimand. They end on a more positive note and Brandon is informed that the big boss, Mr. Scalfani is impressed with him and wants to meet the young protege. Brandon then goes to see his friends for lunch and he has to tell them of the mishap, although there is the good news to tell of the Scalfani meeting. His friends give him terrible advice regarding the meeting, but Brandon stays focused.
Later that same day he goes home for a family dinner. It’s Brandon, his older sister Jennifer, who has prepared the meal, their father Michael Russo, a New York City Police Officer and Nonna, his mother-in-law and the quintessential grandma to Brandon and Jennifer. It’s just a year after their beautiful matriarch, Theresa Russo, has died of breast cancer. She wrote them a letter and asked for it to be read a year after her passing. The time has come and the letter is read. It is nothing but “love, love, love” and she beautifully speaks from the grave to her family. Theresa’s words hit hard for Brandon, who she told to “never take no for an answer in life, because she will always be there to say yes”. Brandon excuses himself from the table, while Jennifer sings the song she sang at her mother’s funeral for her father. It is a beautiful moment, but you can feel the pain and sadness they are all experiencing.
Later that night Brandon goes to meet Mr. Scalfani to get his cut back from the ATM heist. Paul Daley and Carmine Cionne are there with Scalfani playing cards and drinking whiskey. Brandon walks in bright eyed and happy to be in the mix on this level, but he is rapidly disappointed when Scalfani hands him an empty bag and exits. Brandon is bewildered at the thought of getting nothing for the good work he did. Paul tries to explain to him that life is a series of disappointments and that he should get used to it, but Brandon does not accept this. He steals Paul’s little black book of contacts when the opportunity presents itself and the next day he goes to see his mom at the cemetery. As he is thanking her for the beautiful letter a gust of wind comes and blows a $20 bill into Brandon’s lap. In his mind it’s his cut as well as the affirmation from his mom to not take no for an answer. Brandon walks off from the cemetery with his head high, ready to take on the world.

"Best TV Pilot"

Directed by: Chris Roberti
In a quest against time, W travels through different ecosystems. He fights against tiredness and weather conditions to reach his destination, but as time goes by, W feels trapped in an endless journey.

"Best Mobile Film"

Directed by: Carlos Vazquez
Venus of Tomatoes
Penny, a feisty young feminist, is trying to purchase a tomato for her mother. Jude, the smartass store clerk, is too busy sketching his "magnum opus" to bother. When a series of unfortunate tomato-related events puts Penny and Jude at odds, Jude challenges Penny to a philosophical debate for a chance to bring home the best tomatoes in all of Brooklyn.

"Best Student Film"

Directed by: Piper Samuels
VORTEX the dawn of sovereignty
2047. Every human being is identified, traced and large surveillance and censorship networks have been developed. A few freethinkers have created an encrypted network of alternative research and information, making it harder for law enforcement to track down.
Among them, Serena, a teenage girl is secretly developing glasses to reveal vortices, doorways to other dimensions. What will this opening to the unknown unveil?

Michel Rousseau signs his first feature Science Fiction film, meant for an Awakening, taking on many hats including those of screenwriter, director, special effects, music etc ... Four years were required to achieve this unique concept that offers new thinking approaches to our Human experience and our future.

"Best Inspirational Film"

Directed by: Michel Rousseau
The Veil
Trapped in a haunted convent outside of time, a young girl chases her faceless doppelganger for answers. But a
demonic nun stalks them in the shadows, getting closer and closer.
Can they unravel the convent's dark secrets in time to escape, before they are punished for their sins... forever?

"Best 360º Film"

Directed by: Aaron Richardson
The Prince of The Black Hand
In pursuit of an ordinary existence, the heir to an Italian mafia organization becomes an accountant, but family loyalties, past crimes, and a mind tortured by mental illness threaten to derail his plans.

"Best Television Script"

Written by: Danny Range
All In A Days Work.
Viarity of an example of some of my Art Work.

"Best Photography"

Photo by: Nicou Koumpla
I Racconti della Domenica
"Best Original Score"

Created by: Michele Josia
CANCER/EVOLUTION Episode 1: The Dustbin of History
The newest hope for cancer is actually one of the oldest.
Buried for a century, the metabolic theory of cancer is overturning entrenched dogma and reshaping the future of cancer treatment.

Episode 1 of this 5-part docuseries addresses the history of the metabolic theory of cancer through the story of Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, a gay, Jewish scientist under aegis of the Nazis.

"Best Educational Film"

Directed by: Maggie Jones, Brad Jones
The Monster's Club
1999, three teenage friends decide to record a prank to be on TV, but things turn differently.20 years later the past comes back to haunt who's left..

"Best Supporting Actor" - Max Vector as Dumpster

Directed by: Federica Carlino
The music video was directed by Aramayis Hayrapetyan. “Once I heard “Snap”, I kept thinking that I had to show the artist’s emotions as comprehensibly and correctly as possible. Not leaving the artist in the background was an important precondition for me. We made the video for the purpose of giving the viewers a chance to travel to another, extraordinary reality through artistic and visual solutions,” says Hayrapetyan.

"Best Editing"

Directed by: Aramayis Hayrapetyan
Le Café de mes Souvenirs (The Cafe of my memories)
The love story of Emilie and Philippe takes place in Helsinki where Emilie works in her mother’s café and Philippe, a Frenchman, teaches French at a local high school. Song and music takes the lovers to Cherbourg and Paris. After their return Philippe begins to struggle under the pressure of multiple jobs. Will the fragile relationship of Emilie and Philippe last surrounded by the toughness of urban life?

"Best Composer" - Heikki Sarmanto

Directed by: Valto Baltzar
An LGBTQ+ friendly story. So Far I've only developed a poster for the script but will also consider selling my poster or collaborating with another writer willing to write/co-write a script with INCLUSION as the title.

"Best Poster"

Created by: Brian Spellman
El Padrino
El Padrino introduces Christopher Alvarez. He plays Eduardo, a tiny sixteen-year-old wheelchair-bound immigrant. He tries to outsmart two burly ICE agents who have deported his parents and now have targeted his only friends—his home aide, Rosa, and her teenage daughter, Esperanza. Rosa leaves Esperanza in charge of Eduardo and goes on an increasingly desperate search for money to get them out of the city that night. Meanwhile Esperanza thinks Eduardo needs a good time out on the town. He’s reluctant. Given the oddness of his body shape, people often stare. Esperanza is not the type of girl to take no for an answer, so she and he embark on their own magical mystery tour around the East Village, culminating in a wild dance scene in Tompkins Square Park. Throughout the night the ICE agents are getting closer and closer. In the end Rosa returns empty handed to the apartment, as do Eduardo and Esperanza (though her hands do carry a stack of new designer sneakers they’ve finagled). Now the net of ICE agents closes in. Eduardo, who states his goal in life is to help friends when they need it, —like “The Godfather”-— is faced with his biggest challenge: to save Rosa and Esperanza and to avenge his parents.
The movie is bold and brash. It was shot guerrilla style all over the East Village. A third of it is in Spanish. It is enriched by guest star Alejandro Aguilar from Netflix’s El Chapo and by the exhilarating songs of popular Cuban composer/singer Leslie Cartaya. El Padrino is timely, poignant and fun.

"Best Opening Credits"

Directed by: Terrence Ross
I Know A Stranger Part II
Laura Trinidad seems to have a great life though separated from her husband Carlos. She has a nice home, solid career as a trial lawyer, great kids, and though very busy, works hard at being a great mother. Despite the separation, all would seem normal to those looking from the outside, but what can't be seen are Laura's secrets. Her nightmares could be the key to why her son, Sebastian has his own secrets. They could solve the mystery of who kidnapped Sebastian's twin sister, Mya, or they could answer some questions about Laura's dark past only Sebastian knows the truth about, and only his mother knows why.

"Best Trailer"

Directed by: Carlos Leos